Sunday, November 2, 2014

Salt Lake City Exciting fun for Mary Lou

So I was invited to teach for the Utah Quilt Conference . I did not know what a treat I was in for! Everyone there was SO very very nice and creative too! Lots of laughter and color and fun !
I taught my Autumn Sampler quilts and Flower Power and Hoochy Mama quilt classes! Great fun .
As you can see we had lots of variety.
I have to say I think this is the cutest photo ever of Mrs . Dye and her girl! She really got into Hoochy piecing!
Above is my hostess with the MOSTEST! She is holding a pair of witch shoes from Enhland. She took me yo this amazing place with witches all over the place and there was a shop with witch hats, shoes, dresses and jewelry etc. it was amazing! 
Sharon was amazing and have a fabulous class on her favorite things and she brought kitchen utensils and sewing gadgets and the most delicious recipes with samples of each. It was the best class I ever took! Sharon is LDS and as every one knows they know how to cook , bake, care family and save money! 
At lunch I looked around and saw NO one was drinking coffee... I wondered what planet I was on. :0)
     I had a lovely time along with Ami Simms who gave a great program as always! Love teaching in the Fall ! Energizing and fun with nice quilters!
I really see where students are more willing to stretch and get put of the box far more than they used to in my classes. I think they "get it " now and can run with it.
     I came from an art background and I see where people can listen and take art principles and put them into quilts in a great way! Sure is fun watching this develop!

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