Friday, August 14, 2015

New quilts, Workshops, Life and Being Thankful

Susan Garrity took my Moose workshop
In Jackson Hole and made the quilt above!! Isn't it just wonderful??!
Below is the pattern that you can order by writing to me at or by ordering something else on my website and in the customer notes write "I need the Moose pattern" or " I need the cow pattern." IMPORTANT - enter youn3 digit number there also. 
Thank you. 
The photo below made me smile big
I saw this picture of a lady in the garden and knew she'd be great in any quilt. I have often used these in my garden quilts. Quite fun!!!

I have a new self portrait class for a smaller sample and instructions on doing eyes, noses, mouths and secrets to hair styles, flesh fabrics and how to get ideas of themes that describe a person. Embellishment, embroidery and paint discussed. These are great fun!! The samples here are not quilted yet. Students get good handouts and a simple body from the Breast up. We will be discussing hats and how they can hold loads of fun things for a great quilt.

This made me laugh!!
As many of you know I am hooked on chickens and I have six of my own. I gave four to my daughter as ten seemed to be too many. My friend Florine sent me this darling table chicken thT I keep on my deck. Makes me so happy!!

Below is my chicken named Tilly after an Aunt. Tilly is the biggest chicken ever and when I throw food down age runs and when I am close she runs and when I take earthworms for the chickens she wa Ts one but when I try to get close to her so the other chickens don't grab hers, she runs. She's pretty but she is dumb.
The chicken below is Ethel. Ethel's best friend is named Fred. My Vrandkids said they think that Fred should be Lucy but I like Fred. ☺️
Below, is a kind of wash cloth for the kitchen. Molly sent it to me with a chicken finger puppet. Funny and fun too.
Wendy who is a fun friend sent me this sign for the chicken coop. There are a lot of people who are crazy chicken ladies and I am turning into one myself. I go back in the backyard and watch them scratch the dirt and run after each other. They are really fun. Glad I only want eggs as it would be hard to hurt them for meat. They are too lovable!
I saw this photo somewhere and had to post it. Reminds me of the nutcracker!

Many of you have asked how I am doing and Inam gettingy energy back, I had a restful summer, enjoyed my family and neighbor and a few friends and have started sewing again. I am teaching next month in Houston on the 15th and cannot wait!! Many teaching opportunities with great gals this Fall! 
I am working on new things and fun ideas. Can't wait to connect with many of you.
My schedule is available here -
      I am open to other Florida guilds or shops tagging on in January. I am hoping to see Sanibel Island which is on my bucket list.
 Here are my two Irish cousins. The one on the left is Donna Lou Donahue and I am Mary Lou Donahue. We both took a lot of teasing growing up!!
Loved this great hours chicken I saw a photo of. Pretty funny!
My John C. Campbell folk quilt is hanging there now in the Keith House. Lots of detail and good stories too.

Below is one of my Christmas tree samples. I just love Christmas and started teaching a Christmas tree or wreath workshop. It's popular and so much fun. This is a two day more workshop. There are so many fun ways to do these!
The second photo is from another tree I did. Great fun!
I have four half yard cool fabrics to send to four people who comment.
The question is, next summer I want to plan a few fun trips for me to visit somewhere and see something great!
Suggestions please. I will draw four names in a little over a week! You may get another surprise with the fabric!
Happy week friends !!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cow Pattern by Mary Lou Weidman and Copyright

Carol Heauter from Arigona my sweet friend made this cow from Mary Lou's pattern. Isn't he cute or should I say she?
The cow pattern is copyrighted and not to be copied off of my original pattern.You may certainly use the pattern you paid for but you cannot make copies of it to pass along. This is stealing and the same as shop lifting. For some reason quilters think it is ok to copy off any pattern they want and ignore copyright rules. I do not understand this. Copyright means it cannot be copied and if you are an honest person you should not do this nor should you hand our your patterns to be copied.
I spent many many hours designing this and then spent the money to print it etc. I need to make enough money to pay back my time and my investment. If you designed something you would feel the same way.   Please support the people who work hard to make a living making patterns.
THIS beautiful and clever quilt is by Rebecca Shafer. This quilt has great embellishments and fabric choices. Rebecca is from Lincoln, Nebraska. Rebecca makes many clever and original quilts.
The quilt above is by Terry Jones (I believe)
The quilt above is by Sandy Fisher who also has so many original ideas and she has two cow quilts in the collection that we call "the Herd."
The cow below is one of my most favotites and is by Sue Cresse who is very original and creative.
If you have not ever done your own designing this cow pattern is the perfect place to start and it has many ideas included for cow themes.
The Moose pattern does as well.
From Mary Lou's COW class using her pattern
From Mary Lou's COW workshop
From Mary Lou's cow workshop
Below "Daisy Cow" who was in the works for an example of a smaller cow. This cow is offered in the pattern with the original cow as well. Two for one! To order for a guild to get the discount write to me at
There are hundreds of people so far that have done cows and they make great challenges.
I offer $2.00 off each pattern for orders of ten or more.
By purchasing my patterns you help support of girl who has been widowed and survived cancer within a year,
Thank you for being happy, having fun and being thoughtful to me. I sincerely love my friends and fellow quilters. Share your happy smile with someone who does not have one.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Happy Patterns!!!

Marvelous Moose Pattern for guild challenges or just for fun! Pattern includes themes and ideas
Chicken Souo finally reprinted and available for sale. Really a fun pattern for all who love the whimsy of Chickens!!
The COW pattern. The cow pattern is in two sizes so you can do it medium or large. This cover cow was a smaller one we did and we adjusted the legs to be thinner. This is the pattern everyone uses for the Ciw challenge. The pattern includes many theme ideas. As most of you know this is a great challenge pattern for guilds and Quilting Bees.
My new website is still in the works.
If you want any of these &12. Patterns go to my website now at
Order the chicken pattern which is listed whether you want it or not and write which pattern you want. In this note please also put your three digit number there as there is no place to include it but in the notes and I need it to run your order through.
For multiple orders of ten or more patterns for guilds I will charge $10. Instead of the $12. Cost.
Have more patterns I am working on for Fall.
Thank you for supporting me dear friends.
Have a happy week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quilts that Make Us All Smile! And isn't that what we all want to do?

Susie Urban Decker did this darling purple cow! She took the cow out of the book which now is available in pattern.
I love how she was so original with the background, the happy face and the fabrics! You can tell she is a happy person and quilter!
Wonderful cow quilt from my cow pattern. I have the pattern done in TWO sizes! $12. 
It's a great guild challenge and people love to see them together.
This is a copyrighted pattern by Mary Lou.

Our book sold out completely so I printed the pattern. �� it will be on my new website soon. If you want it earlier, email
 Janneke Van der Ree made this fish wall hanging in a workshop I did! So fun, right? I love what Everyone is doing in wool! Soon I will have this available as a pattern. �� I will Keep offering it as a workshop as I have samples of beads, trims, buttons, shells and gizmos to make it folk art wonderful!
Lorraine Crummer took my retreat that I offer here in Spokane a few years ago. She sent me photos of her quilt that was free and easy and innovative and fun! This threatens some people but if you
Let go of negative thoughts you can enjoy a new road less traveled and see what you come up with!!

My motto is you can make your own happiness and if you want to live longer and better it's a great philosophy!

Diane Cowell made this wonderful
4th of July quilt from my cow pattern. Quite fun, right? I love it!!!

I went to the Coeur D'Alene quilters show and one of my favorite quilt shops was there. Island Quiktercfrom Vashon Island had loads of bright and happy fabrics and since Iam working on a chicken book I grabbed fabric that looks led like feathers and had good texture. Really fun! By the way Island Quilter is open again  in a new building!

My backyard changes from day to day. I get so much peace there and new ideas for happy quilts. It's a nice place to pray for friends who are ill or just come to mind. I am blessed.
My daughters birthday was this week and the same day I got done with my radiation for Breast cancer! Hooray. Now I have the rest of the summer to heal and then I am off to places to teach creativity, easy piecing and story quilts! 
My daughter and I went out for manicures, pedicures and lunch. A lovely day together!

I hope the summer is bringing blessings your way too. Pay it forward and be a blessing to someone who needs it today.