Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Quick Post Again! Winners from Previous Post Coming

Working on a story quilt about Mark and I when we were young. It's taking more time than I planned. Don't they all?

Below, I get some kind of a post now and then about these chairs. I thought you all would love to see them! Inspirational!

I heard this is a pattern and it is featured in the new Quilt Shop Sampler. Very pretty!
I like ve anything chicken and thought this gourd was a great quilt idea.
Love the colors in the one below.
I had a gourd birdhouse and it was ruined in the weather (don't leave them outside!
Last year my block swap group got together and swapped jack o'lanterns. Such fun!

I teach an Autumn sampler class and this was the beginning of such a class. It is really fun and gets people out of the box and on their way to originality!!

Took photos last year at market in Halloween- worth Shari g again
Today I  in Iowa teaching. I have lots to say and share. Going to give lecture today and tonight. Davenport is a lovely Midwest town with nice people and good down home shops and great food. Life is lovely in the Fall. And aren't the pumpkins darling? So fun! I have a Fall workshop I teach and it is fun to work on this stuff when you don't have to hurry. Know what I mean? 
Share your smile with someone who needs one.

Betty and Wilma below. Haha


  1. Hi Mary Lou - Welcome back!!! I'm so very glad to see your new posts and happy to learn all is well with you!!

    The pumpkins are inspiring - so happy and funny! Hope your classes go well and that you make many more happy pumpkins and chickens and all things Fall !!!

  2. I ADORE those chairs!!! Inspirational for sure!! Quilts ALWAYS take more time than I would have ever imagined. But, isn't the journey the fun part of the story?? Love your posts!

  3. Love your bright chicken and fish. I'm off to retreat soon and planning to sew my jack o'lanterns together. Working on my owls also. They were fun swaps.

  4. Oh, I want one of those chairs - or perhaps a UFO could be used to reupholster a chair I have??!

    I'll look forward to seeing the family quilt you're making.

    Have fun with the great folks in Davenport and be good to you.


  5. Loved the pumpkin swap blocks and the fish!