Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Its Time to send your money in for The Retreat

Above is Carol from Arizona who is Awesome! 
 I've been packing up fabrics and Fairy Gifts and fun things for the retreat here in June. Marylouweidman.com
We have had retreats here for seven years and I am moving it closer to my house so that if the weather is good I can have you over for a nice dinner in my backyard for fun.
Please send your deposit money 9half this month and the other half by May 15th- to 
Mary Lou Weidman
1521 N. Argonne #276
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
GOOD news! It is $50 less than posted. So it is $600.
I had planned on taking people on a cruise on Coeur d'Alene Lake but I cannot get it together with their schedule.
So we will go on a field trip to Coeur d'Alene in Idaho which is 30 minutes from me.We will visit the Coeur d'Alene Hotel for Lunch and the quilt shop there and here in the Valley (Hattie's).
Miss Tina is flying in to cook and bake for us again. Her food is always delicious and fun! We will give the recipes out afterwards as people always ask.
 Here are samples from students of mine. All of them fun and talented girls!
Some things are mine that I did for past retreats for fun and inspiration

Below is Kathy Sandberg's Dog story quilt. I am pretty sure this won awards. It is great!

Below is Tina's story quilt about her boys at the beach....
Flowers and birds often show up at the retreat for lots of color and whimsy!

Tina tried out her basil strawberry water- it was awesome
Above Mari Linfesty goes to town

 Laura Webb did this darling lady with the dogs and lady below with the eggs. Both makes you smile
 Letting ideas and approaches will be taught...its easy and fun. Sandy from Canada did this sample
 Sandy below from Montana won first place with the story quilt she did at the retreat. This happens alot!
Mary Linfesty did the cow below. She does amazing work every single year and she is in charge of the block swap we do now and again.
 Quilt below and below that are by Charlotte from Florida. Her sister is Laura. I call them the Bunny sisters.
This is Charlotte's husband painting his house and his nephew playing the sax to entertain him. Hee hee.
 This was a free form piecing project.
Fuzzy but still fun. Laura did this one too.
Susan White is a wonderful artist and made these blocks to go with her quilt about them building their own home

 This was a sample I did below.
I think Laura did this quilt about her Grandson. You can see that they love story quilts and they do them so well. Think of the Legacy they are leaving for their children and Grandchildren
Below is a story quilt by Sandy about going with her Mother...

Close up of Susan's blocks
I wish I had more photos of all of the fun we have had over the years. This year we have very fun girls signed up for more fun! We have two spots left if you are interested. Contact me at Lattegirl@aol.com


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for all the pictures of the quilts and fun everyone had at your class!! Oh, how I wish I could be with you all - maybe I can be there in spirit??

    Enjoyed the yummy food pictures - no-calorie fun too!

    Hope everyone who attends has a wonderful time of quilting, fun and friendship!

  2. nice photos and the food looks good tooo...LOL!