Sunday, November 6, 2011


 Above, Mel and I do School House at Market together. How nice to share the fun and the excitement that we love with the projects in the new book! So simple, so quick and so creative!
I wish you could see these chicks in person. They are so pretty and would make the perfect baby quilt for any little darling....boy or girl and as I said they are quick and they are fun!
The book contains TWO alphabets and it is fun to see what people create with them. As many of you know, I have been doing words in quilts for years.....and names in quilts make for a lasting momento for someone you love....
 OK, everyone knows I LOVE cats and always have. I thought that plaid cats would be super in this book and I put together this quilt quickly using the hoochy mama method I do with all of my is fun to see little kids smile when they see this quilt and in my workshops,  often show how to make the cats and we all laugh at the sheer whimsy and joy they behold!
Living in Washington I love coffe and a pot and coffee cups seemed a great I chose a French Fabric and some crystals for bling to make this fun wallhanging....I can't have enough French things in my house...I love everything French...except liver pate'
Mel did this fun cow with the sock tongue and in the book it is explained how to do the pieced background. Now, the other thing is what we call the COW PHENOMENA. We started with a purple cow in the book. Soon, Mel did a Holy Cow and then I did a cow town and then our friends started doing them and my friend Dawn Tonioli did six cow quilts and said she may never do anything else but cow quilts....Now we have a whole show called "Cow Parade" that will be at Road to California in January and at the Minnesota quilt show in June....25 wonderful (and counting) Cow quilts with play on words for each one...all different and all fabulous! If you haven't done a cow, you should....only about 2 1/2 hours to do one and then the fun of the theme and is hard to make only one. I am on my 4th and so is Mel and our other friends are on their second and third ones....
I will be at the Santa Barbara Quilt guild this week enjoying the members, the beauty and fun and State Street and hope you can come to the meeting and see wonderful quilts in person. Also, you can get a book from Roxanne's quilt shop in Carpinteria and get my signature on Saturday. Would love to meet you there! Come and get a pin.
Our friend Susan Typpi did Panamoo Canal and Eilene Hamiltopn did BOOVine..... So cute and so much fun! I am delighted with the way the book worked out and the creativity it gives for all levels of quilters....
And best? The smiles it brings too.
    I am sitting on a pile of Paula Nadelstern fabric that has great light givers in it. I am going to choose four names  from people who leave a comment and I will send out a bundle to these 4 people and a new cow pin- Please comment and join this blog and you will be in the running and glad you did it since the prize is multiple yards.... I will be back in town on the weekend and giving it away (in the mail) the beginning of the week!


  1. Love to see!! Thanks for sharing...
    and I hear you'll be signing books in Carpenteria next week????????????? :0)

  2. Great pictures Mary Lou, want to see the quilts in person!

  3. My friend sent me this book and it really is fun to look through and quite inspiring as well.

  4. I bought this book in Houston last week at Festival. Snatched it right up as soon as I saw it. Doin' the Happy Dance!

  5. Daisy ChristophersonNovember 8, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    I am enjoying all the cows. What fun and creativity for you all. Daisy

  6. The cow phenom! Love it! Sounds like market went well. You so deserve the recognition. Take care of yourself!

  7. Love the cows...want to make one myself right now!!! Very fun pattern and a great jumping off point for all of us. Thanks for a look at the new moos.

  8. So glad the cows are such a big hit! They are just mooooovelous! I'd love to make one that looks like "COWntess" from Pee Wee's Playhouse. I do believe she wore a tiara! :-)

    Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful fabric!

  9. That would be hilarious Maree! When you stitch up the COWntess please post a picture for us all to see.

  10. I love to vist your blog for all of the joy it brings me along with lots of smiles. The whimsy is wonderful!

  11. I love all your fun ideas, thanks for keeping us smiling! I will definitely be a cow girl...
    Dede in Boston

  12. I am loving these cows, especially the one with a sock tongue! I've got an idea for mine, thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  13. I just love your blog with all the bright pictures! And the cows are fabulous!!!
    Evin5 at aol dot com