Monday, February 17, 2014

Here are the COLORS you will wear and have in your home even if you don't like them now-Quilter's this is the fabric colors you will buy


YUP, the color council has spoken. Sigh. No cheddar and no black but I will mix cheddar and black and stronger turquoise with these colors. Think you don't like pink? This Spring it is going to be everywhere! Think you don't like it??? Just watch you change your mind later on as you purchase it. This is the control they have over us. :0)
The goal? To make us unhappy with what we have.
I can't wait to buy these and they aren't even out there much yet. Pavlov's dog.
Bark bark....
 I have to say, I was really amused with the comments you girls made, haha. I love the girls who come here because they have minds of their OWN! Good for you. I will always have reds and limes and yellows in my house...don't care what the color council says but it is fun to see the colors....for a quick quilt, I like them better than the last couple of years but hey, my comment lady was right when she said "NO YELLOWS or HAPPY colors"....she is right!


  1. Interesting today I went to my wool group and got some fabrics to make my presidents block with and then a few others that spoke to me and I came home with those range of colours with a bit of cheddar thrown in. I'll take a picture tomorrow and send it off to you.

    I almost drove down to Aunt Mary's to say hi yesterday but the weather started to turn wet, rainy and windy. Can't wait to see the new herd additions,

  2. Well for once, I am glad I have a big stash. Gives us a bigger choice! Hope you are staying warm and safe! Have a great day!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. Okay, yip, yip - I'm learning to like that funny shad of lavender that the Fashion People told us we must like.

    At least these pretty colors make me happy that Spring is coming soon so I can forget that it's snowing again today ;-}

  4. They say that colors reflect the economy...if that's true, YIKES! There's no cheerful yellow or colors with yellow mixed in. They all seem to have black in them. You're right, I'll probably adjust but right now, bleah.....

  5. Think I'll stick with using my stash as much as possible. I plan to make a scrappy blue/white quilt because I have some delicious blues that have aged to perfection (my rationalization!).

    My DIL will be distressed that there is so much pink on the horizon. It is not her favorite color.


  6. Ooh, these are so my colors. I already have quite a few of this in my wardrobe. ;-) My favorites are the Left Compliment and the Triad. Yummy colors this year. And yay, I found my copy of your Out of the Box book. Cow quilt will now be added to the to-do list.

  7. I buy what I like Mary Lou. I don't listen to the Yuppy People. When you make a quilt you use colors you like - that way the project has a better chance to get finished.
    Don't listen to the YP.