Sunday, February 2, 2014

Inspirations from a 65th birthday. I am officially an old lady and happy that I made it!

Yesterday on my birthday I received this darling card from Stephanie, a friend from long ago who I keep in contact with and get to see when I teach for her group at Aunt Mary's in Smokey Point in two weeks! Hooray. Isn't this creative and fun? She took some of my fabrics and made this. I love the edging don't you? GREAT idea! Thank you Stephanie.
Knowing how much I love Paris and adventure, Stephanie sent me this notebook that I could use for a journal or for drawing. I love both ideas.
Isn't this cover wonderful? VERY happy and creative. Made me smile when I opened ths package.
I got this darling birthday card from my friend Molly along with a nice lunch box type container filled. It is always so nice when a gift arrives the day of your birthday and you were not expecting anything.
Mark and I decided that we did not need to spend the money on a gift for me. We have learned the difference between needs and wants. And truthfully everything I want is out of range right now. And I cannot think of a thing I really want anyway. I am so happy with m y family and my friends that I see that as a gift that I really love!SO, below is the box that Molly sent and it was so pretty. There is a little handle on the side just like a lunch box and it is so cute.
Inside the box was all kinds of surprises which made me smile too. Don't you just look at a package like this and wonder what could be in there? You have already seen the darling card she sent. We love that designer.
Lindt candy is a favorite since I got to go to the facotry in Switzerland...very fun. If you have not tried this chocolate candy you must. It is very smooth and very good.
Inside the red paper was this little bundle and it is pattern paper it was wrapped in. Isn't that a great idea?
Now look at what I opened!
 Isn't this the CUTEST bracelet you have ever seen? I just love it. And today (the day after my birthday I wore it to my daughter's house where we had brunch for my birthday since everyone was skiing yesterday and had to make their weekly lessons. Such fun for all. I expect to be wearing this a ton. It goes with everything. Molly knows what I love. I see my hands are looking like my Mother's and Grandmother's. How did that happen and when? I didn't notice this before. Oh well, I am happy in spirit and that is what counts.
At the bottom of the box was this cashmere scarf. Since it is going to be 1 degree this week where I live,it will come in handy. It is so cold today and will drop even more. Isn't this the perfect color for someone who misses the sunshine and Spring or summer? Both of these have such happy colors. No gray or brown for me. And polka dots too! My most favorite pattern in all of the world.
This is a card I received from one of my "Cupcake" friends. She belongs to a group we have had for about 15 years. There are six of us and we are the cupcakes. Laurie who lives in Lopez Island is very thoughtful and creative too. I so appreciate being remembered. The perfect card for a "cupcake" girl.
Below is a card from a friend I have had for many years that is a flight attendant-many of you know Susan from Seattle. Susan is a cupcake member also and she always has things that make me laugh...loud and alot. She is so much fun! This card is typical of her joy.
As it happened, one of the bunny Sisters Charlotte, sent me this newspaper article about the COW exibit we had in Houston. Mel McFarland and I curated this show. If you want to see it , it will be showing at the AQS show in Phoenix this month. Anyway, what a gift this article was. Charlotte's cow was "Moolah" and it is featured in the article as was Laurie's Moody Blues (Laurie sent me the cupcake card.)  I am having a brain miss and I cannot remember all of the names but Tina (the girl who cooks for my retreat) did the Mooey Cowliente quilt and Sandi from Canada did the Cow that jumped over the Moon. I have a photo of my friend and I from Houston with us in front of the cow pie and I am having brain problems remembering her name which I know well. Ever have that happen? I am 65 now so I have an excuse.
Charlotte lives in Florida and she used her special Florida paper to mail me the note along with the newspaper. I turned it over and look, it looks like a high heel and sort of reminds me of Italy. Right?
Or is it just me?
I had to show this platter. It is one of my most favorite belongings. I LOVE tiaras and Sandy and Wendy gave this to me last year. It is so playful and it is ME. Sandy gave me a gift certificate to Target yesterday also. It is my favorite in town go to store. I love what they many cute things so it won't be hard to find something. I am thinking that this Spring I will get something for my garden. Can't wait to start cleaning up out there and planting. 
I wanted to share this little picture I have had for years. I have long been a huge fan of Janet Bolton and I think this is kind of a knockoff of her style of things. The initials are different so it isn't her but isn't this darling? Makes me smile everytime I see it and when my friends helped me clean my sewing space, they put it up. 
I am ending this with a photo from a card. There are so many of you that could be sitting right here next to me in our robes and holding hands and smiling. Look at the style of the fancy girl on the left and the other lady on the right. Isn't this funny? The older I get the more my friendships mean to me. I dearly love my friends like family. As they say "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." All my friends are diamonds. Thank you sincerely for visiting my blog. Hope these colors, and fun things inspired you like they did me! I am officially an old lady now and it is so freeing. I don't have to follow the crowd. I make cow quilts and am happy doing it. And story quilts will always be my thing because I love telling about a life that is happy and well lived.


  1. Happy birthday, Mary Lou! So many fun cards; I particulary love the first cow card, it looks like a teeny tiny quilt!

  2. A very Happy Birthday to you!
    What wonderful gifts and a fun card. I made my first postcard last week, I need more practice to get used to sewing in small areas with free motion, but fun to try them.


  3. Happy Birthday! Try to stay warm for a few more weeks and the sun will return!

  4. Happy Birthday! I turned 65 last year ... or was it year before last ... let's just say recently in the grand scheme of my life. Hope this year is a happy one! XO and Cheery wave from Bev

  5. You,are,not old.,,85 is old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL. Have fun. Hugs

  6. Happy HAPPY BIrthday! DIdn't you hear? 65 is the new 35?? What LOVELY gifts and wonderful friends! Be thankful!

  7. Congratulations on your Milestone birthday Mary Lou, looks like you received some very loving gifts. I have one to share with you, check out the January-February issue of Quiltmania, it features several of the cow quilts from Moo-ston! I saw it at a friend's place on Friday.

    A bonus late gift, Seattle won the SuperBowl..Go Hawks!

  8. Happy Birthday Mary Lou!!!! I really enjoyed your blog today .Happy blog from a happy lady. I am almost finished with my second cow, just have the lettering to do on "Dutch ChoCOWlate. We have had -45 degree wind chills a few times this month. BRRRR!


  9. Happy Birthday Mary Lou! You are a youngster compared to some of us. Glad it was a happy weekend and what fun cards and gifts too.

  10. Happy Birthday Mary Lou! Welcome to the Club! I turned 65 last year and find "brain farts" happen more often these days - don't worry - it's normal.

    Thank you for sharing all the birthday gifts and cards - your friends definitely are diamonds!!

  11. Glad you had a wonderful B'day as you are a lovely lady who deserves to be wrapped in love like a blanket. As an only child, my friends are the world to me and as I am a year older than you-realize their importance more and more. Have a fabulous week!

  12. Happy belated birthday from Arkansas!!! I wish for you a year filled with love, laughter and miracles large or small...oh and a sprinkling of magic!!

  13. Why, how on earth can you possibly be 65???? You're young enough at heart to keep the rest of your delightfully young, too!

    And, yes, Happy Birthday to you!! I love the many happy-happy joy-joy cards and gifts you received! Your family and friends know you well!

    Wishing you a joyful year ahead!


  14. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Mary Lou! and many more!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Mary Lou! Thanks for sharing all the lovely cards and your enthusiasm. I am so enjoying the quilts I bought when you visited QA in Lynnwood. Many happy returns to you!

  16. Hope you had a wonderfu 65th....I'm right behind you!! You're so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Enjoy every day.