Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mary Lou's Story Quilt Retreats are FUN, Creative, Colorful and Come with NEW friends and Invention Discoveries- See what YOU can do!

We have an ice cream store in Spokane with this name and I like their sign so I grabbed it on this cold winter's day...it is 1 degree right now...and I am thinking of how beautiful it is in Spokane, Millwood and Coeur d'Alene in June when we will have the Mary Lou Happy Go Lucky Annual retreat Here are some photos of years past and later I will post more. We do have FUN and love the whole package of what this provides.
More details here http://marylouweidman.com/retreats.aspx
Happy colors and designs by J9 as she makes a Flower Power quilt with easy piecing!
J9 shows off her foxgloves for her quilt- LOVE them! This is so fun and inventive and creative
 Below is a quilt coming along by Mari Linfesty...so cool
 Miss Tina takes a water break as she thinks of more things she has to cook and bake for us
These are Sandi's birds that she was working with...cute right??
Salad is served...delicious with the hot onion soup bread coming out of the oven...
Walls that go up as everyone gets creative.
Awesome work for us to ponder and enjoy by Mari
here Carol add's to her design wall. I think I caught her thinking and not posing....
here is Kathy adding to her story about going to the Washington Monument and other places with her Granddaughter- would have loved a memory quilt made by my Grandma for our memories....
Carol H's "Orange" flower
Blocks together to create something fun!
here Val shows off her rabbit after the cutting excercise where you cannot draw and you use your scissors instead...so fun and so creative too
How is this for a creative worm? Note the tiara and the smile
Story quilt all ready to tell it's story..great colors and fun!
 Birds of every kind and shapre- what do birds tell you? Original and whimsical...let's talk invention
Laurie and Eilene happy over a Mexican themed lunch!
 A cruise story quilt ready to show the Grandchildren in the story about the ship...
Eilene loves snowmen! Can you invent while making a story about a snowman you remember?
Sandy Fisher shows her daughter's sixth birthday. Wonderful! What birthdays do you remember????
A holiday with family on Aruba story quilt!
The day before the retreat a number of the girls visit Manito Park in Spokane (beautiful)

OK, I am having a senior moment on whose quilt this is all ready for the quilt story to go inside.
This quilt is by darling Dawn on the right. A wonderful person with so much talent and fun.

Salad, hot rolls and cookies
Vegies filled and plain-crisp and delicious
Seven layer bars for snacks...
 Delish snacks for us during the day to keep up our strength and happy attitudes! Tina is good about making the meals healthy and always fruits and vegies for those that want to stay healthy along with desserts and a snack table with chocolate, and loads of other things for everyone else.
Charlotte, one of the Bunny Sisters worked on this quilt called :"Music to Paint By." Her husband was painting and his nephew or relative came and played the sax while he worked. This turned out to be an awesome quilt and it is her husband's favorite.
I tell my classes (and it is true) that when you do a quilt for a man, it is always his favorite quilt. She backs me up on this now. :0)
Below is the beginning of Mari's cow quilt that had her whole family included. It is traveling now to all parts of the US and elsewhere. Great fun! Just got back from Iowa....
Huckleberries are a big thing here in this area and a huckleberry milkshake for Sandy and Mary Lou was just what we needed to make us more creative

Here is Sandi from Canada's story quilt about she and her Mother driving all over the US and Canada together-really fun and this is not a completed quilt in this photo....so fun in person!
Vegies and houses
This is the beginning of Sandy's amazing cow quilt that jhung in Houston not long ago and is hanging in Phoenix at the AQS show now. She does amazing work.
Here is the beginning of Sandy's COW- isn't she wonderful/ So many things you cannot see in this photo for details like dessers and candy's and hat and adorable eyeclasses-Creativity took her away and she h=just grew and ivented and made a fabulous quilt! MOOvalus!

Laura who is a Bunny sister did this quilt about meeting her husband in hawaii and she lived in TX-pretty fun

Lisa starts to put herself on the story center...great ideas ahead!

Below Sandy from Bozeman works on her quilt ideas- really fun watching the process of telling stories...

Below is Sandy from Montana's Italy quilt which won a first place ribbon -really fun to watch her invent and work out colors and ideas

Night before we start those that want to, meet at the Mexican restaurant after a day of shopping and seeing sites in Idaho and Washington....lots to see and do
Chicken and pasta and salad and hot bread and awesome dessert-what more could you ask for? Miss Tina knows her way around the kitchen!
Above is Lisa who is so proud of her story quilt- like a self portrait. Leave your idea of who you are for generations to come! learn creativity, fun and color plus design and composition!
Above, a story quilt on a sunny day story...quite wonderful....
Above, Molly gets her story quilt done about her first date with her husband-so great and will be here to show people who she loved, when and why!
Closeup of Judy's story quilt
I provided bracelet makings for everyone thanks to my friend June who taught me how to do these...they were awesome. This year we will have ornament kits
Below is a story quilt by Judy about being a docent at the Monterey Aquarium, it just got better and better and better....this was not complte, it was in the works
here Kathy and Sandi dish up their meal...great fun and selection- we pride ourselves on Tina's cooking and baking!
Below are blocks that wil lmake up and awesome quilt! Love the colors and whimsy-J9 who came last year will be attending again!
Below are gift bags from last year...pretty wonderful plus all of the fairy gifts and tiaras. This year's theme will be Christmas so wonder what you are getting? Pretty cool surprises, that's what!


  1. Ooohhh... I am drooling!!! So many pretty and imaginative quilts! Mary Lou, you and your quilting ladies are the epitome of quilting to me. Oh how I wish I could join you.
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty of your quilting adventures and the lovely food too!

  2. Mary Lou, what great pictures from past retreats, such memories and great fun we had. Thanks for the reminder of the creativity and friendships that have come from those retreats.

    Looking forward to this new venue to see how it wil spark us all into new directions,

  3. Wonderful quilts and great food! Thanks for sharing.