Thursday, July 21, 2011

Galveston Quilt Show a Huge Success-Peggy Baldwin Deserves great kudos on her Story quilts

This is the show in Galveston and if I did not know most of these quilts before I would think this is small but it must be a HUGE pleace because the quilts look small and are big. My New Mexico quilt is bigger than King and it doesn't look that big and my witch is full size and looks smaller.
It is fun to see them lined up and chairs are a nice touch to sit and study them.
Peggy Baldwin who is a former student (many times) and my good friend has over 20 quilts in this show and they are all story quilts. Peggy is an accomplished lady who has done many impressive things in life and is upbeat and lovely to talk to. This show will go through the end of September and will be fun for everyone to see. The quilt on the right (upper) is by Sue Cresse and took first place at Road to California a couple of years ago. Peggy invited my former students to show their work as well. I am glad that some girls took her up on the chance to show others their stories.
There are many more quilts there that I do not have photos of. This is a sampling of the show.
The quilt above is by Sandy Fisher who made this quilt about her grown daughter when she was six and she came home from school with a colored paper crown. It is full of things about the story of her birthday and it is very special to the whole family. Can you imagine how lovely it would be to have a quilt made by your Mother or Grandmother or Aunt or Friend about you when you were little or later on? Lovely to know this quilt and story will live on to tell it's tale.
The quilt above is by Julie who calls herself the quilt diva (and she is fabulous and doesn't act like a diva). Julie did this quilt in a workshop called "Plaid to Meet You" that I teach. Very fun and you don't know what the quilt will look like until it is done. I love that and think more people would finish what they work on if the mystery was still there.
Please go and see the show if you can. I know it is wonderful. Remember these quilts are large so this place must be huge. Check the right hand column on this blog to see where and when. Congratulations Peggy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

NEW BOOK IS OUT TODAY!-so many fun ideas and easy piecing!

scroll  down a little and see Out of the Box with Easy Blocks! You are there!
If you love easy piecing styles then you will love this book that gives you license to be "OUT of the BOX with Easy Piecing Blocks." Mel McFarland and I worked on the quilts in this book and has alot of fun. We took things we had done before and just stretched them. High heel shoes, FACES,chickens, angels, cakes,handbags, cupcakes, popsicles,easy funky blocks and many other surprises are in this colorful book.
I will be selling it on my website store for $24. this week along with mailing you a fat quarter of colorful fabric and a Mary Lou pin and a Mary Lou postcard (story quilt).
I am proud of this easy and fun book because we are still making these same quilts in wild fabrics and having fun seeing what the new fabrics look like.
We have a coffee set in there that Mel did in black and white strata background and WILD Alexander Henry fabric and it is just outstanding! I will try to find a photo and show you.
All of the measurements and instructions are in there and ready for you to rock and roll!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Can you Imagine? A story quilt shower curtain! Wonderful idea!

Dear Mary Lou,
I was part of the class you did back  in November in Baltimore. I had just moved for the second time in less than six weeks and almost did not come to the workshop, but Mimi Dietrich helped me get organized and get there. Great fun - thank you again.
 I have finally finished it and it will  be my new shower curtain so I can enjoy it often. (did not need another large wall quilt).
 Again, thanks for the workshop and inspiration.
 Karen Amelia Brown
 Look at the details on this quilt! Great meld of fabrics, fun figures and this closeup is wonderful isn't it?  Look at the birds in the you recognize these? Would love to use her bathroom just to see this as a shower curtain.
Very fun and very original. Thank you for sharing this with us Karen. I am so glad you came and took the class and that Mimi helped you. Mimi is like that. :0) You made my month.