Sunday, August 13, 2017

Just this and that And Free quilt patterns and fabric!

I am sending this pattern out free to anyone who orders the Hoochy Two-chy book or two of my patterns at
It is really a great pattern and you have time to complete it for this Fall!
Additionally I will mail you the Big Dot book I authored and since you cannot find the Big Dot fabric, you fuse 5" circles to complete the great quilts in the book.
Additionally if you are working with children this is a great book to use!
Plus I will send you a cool piece of current fabric. You can't lose!
Additionally many of you have asked about my bird patterns. They are in the Hoochy Two-chy book as well as flowers and hoochy borders and chickens and fish and cups and dogs and cats and cool things for cool quilts. Let go and try whimsy and bright fabrics for fun!
Isn't this the greatest? We can do anything we believe we can. Override those negative thoughts and just believe you can!
Last November I gave up sugar and most bread, rice, potatoes etc. I am losing weight slowly but I am down two sizes in pants and all my tops are pretty loose. I feel SO much better with more energy. Just cutting down on sugar helps. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning with whole milk and water the rest of the time. Helps flush toxins out of your body and it does not add sugar nor calories. Win win.
Just one of the kitties in the Hoochy Two-chy book. :0)
Flower workshops are always fun and creative! Flowers can be any shape or size or color. I love my flower quilts. Now Fall is coming and I have a whole slew of Autumn patterns I teach for really great quilts. You might think about one of these classes for next year or even the Autumn Retreat I am doing here next door to my studio in October. See and click on the menu bar on the right side, then click on retreat.
Work from one of my workshops.
Above is work from John C.Campbell workshop. A fun place to take a workshop! And by the way a great catalogue to get in the mail! So many classes of all kinds! John C.Campbell (put it into Google)
Opps I have trouble not getting my feet in there!
Speaking of story quilts, someone sent this one to me and I do not know whose it is but it is fun and a nice little memory.
Block borders you can make from hoochy Two-chy book., Scrappy and alot of fun. Or you could take one my my Easy Piecing workshops at a local guild. :0) There are so many different examples of great blocks and what you can do with them!!

Easy Piecing class samples. Really fun!!

I did this quilt long ago and love it. I sold it to someone thought I do not know who. Plaids add so much! Wish there were more crazy plaids out there!
I know it is the end of summer but wouldn't this be a darling idea for a quilt? Do not copy it exactly make it your own version of three girls on the beach. I would make one of the girls with a polka dot bikini though!!
I am just doing random blocks and these flower ideas are in the Hoochy Two-chy book too. This sample was done by someone from Back Porch in Pacific Grove.
     Hope you are happy today. Shut off the news as it is never positive or happy. It only worries people and brings their mood down. Create your own happy reality doing what is fun and creative. Be kind to others and help someone who is in front of you and needs it. Add to making the world a better and more positive place. Do not argue with negative people. Pretend like you did not hear negative comments and forget them. Take in happy, uplifting, good things and be around young people because they are happy and uplifting. Make positive friends and be loyal to them. If someone hurts you, is not loyal, is negative, you can do better. Weed your friendship garden and cultivate roses as friends.
Just advice from an old lady who has learned things in her life. I am happy and so happy YOU came by to visit. Have a great week!!