Thursday, October 20, 2016

NEW NEWS and Things are changing and evolving for Me

I had the pleasure of being on Quilting Arts with Susan Brubaker Knapp. It will be showing in January on PBS and if you cannot get it you can purchase a cd that has many quilt artists on it from that week. I showed embellishments, story quilts and Self portraits.
   All of these give good ideas but as I told my friend this is the beginning to taking a class where I have time to show more and I can work with you as you develop your quilt.
    By the way I have three openings only at Asilomar for next year.
I will be bringing drawings this time to help with your stories.
     I am finally getting my mojo back from my cancer radiation and losing my husband etc. My energy has been slow in coming and for a while there I had trouble thinking clearly. But cancer did not get me and in fact I don't even like to ever say I had it as I like to focus on happy things. Makes your cells happy and you healthier!

I thought I would share this photo of pumkins I made hoochy style. I am taking this and adding it to my book HOOCHY TWOCHY. I had planned for it to be out earlier but the company I hured to print it could not get a decent cover. So now I am hitting my target date for late in December.
It is going to be the original Hoochy Mama book, Flower Power and new, fun patterns for dogs, cats, cars, boats people and fun stuff. I am excited about this.
I will have other surprises then and can't wait to share them. :0)
Quilt above was in the works from the Flower Power book. Sandy Fisher my good friend has finished this pretty quilt now and I am hoping to get a photo of her finished flower garden. These hoochy blocks are so much fun! Good job Sandy!
I have a block swap group from students that I have had. We had a log cabin exchange with grunge fabrics and I have to say I am love how they look. the colors just blend so well and are so happy together. I will be doing my next story quilt with alot of these. 

My really really big news is that I am moving my studio out of my home and into a great office space for a better studio situation. I sent the swarches of paint and the main room will be bright golden yellow and the Lshaped entry room will be a gorgeous turquoise. 
I plan to add lots of things on the walls and bring my fabrics and machines etc over there to work. I will be doing more painting there as well as it is light and bright and condusive to this kind of thing.
I get to move in November 19th. The week before Thanksgiving. Hmmm. No matter, I cannot wait!
My old studio at home will go back to a nice family room.
I went to a retreat in Oregon where we quilted and ate. Molly brought these funny donuts. They are Monster donuts. Maybe you can use this little idea for kids or your friends. We all laughed at this idea. :0)

This is one of my self portraits in the works. I like this little girl and inside I think this is me. She needs more work but gosh the self portraits are so much fun! I keep learning more ideas as I work. Isn't that the way? The more you do, the better you get and the more ideas you have! I could make dozens of these. The idea is who are you that day? It doesn't have to look like other people see you, it is just how you might see yourself that day. Its all about being happy and fun.
Lunch with my sweet daughter who I LOVE hanging out with. She is so much fun and we enjoy our fun. That day we went to the Mission store and found six old machines someone had brought in. She bought an old singer and I bought an old Kenmore. I took them into a guy to clean them up and fix them and she said "I'd like to learn to make a quilt. WHAT???? I cannot believe it! I am not sure where that came from but hooray! I am hoping to get her into my studio to put together a nice quilt! It will be so much fun...I think. Starting with something easy and pretty. Fun!
I finished my quilt about losing my husband and getting chickens. I must get a new photo of the whole thing. Its pretty fun and has the story embroidered on it. I am doing that more and more. I want my story to last long after I am gone. Whats your story? Isn't there something you would like to share that people will know about you or someone you love?
I bought one of those tuffet pin cushion kits. It was really quite fun and now I have a new pin cushion for my studio. Want happy things and colors and positive words and sayings all around me.
Soon I will have a NEW,  GOOD Website. I found a designer thanks to my teacher friends and it should be up in about a month. I will have patterns on there to begin with and later fabrics that I personally like and use. People that ask about light givers can find them there and also cheddars. Cheddars are the compliment of any blue, any purple and any teal. They are magic and love to show off other colors.
Anyway the website will be super and a chance to get my new things up etc. This blog will be available there instead and I will be writing a letter every month which will be easier since everything will be in one spot. I have felt torn and felt grabbed in too many directions.My schedule and classes will be shown also. I will have a few surprises too. Stay tuned. It will be at
Piecing project I started on. It is triple the size now and will be included in the new book. I wanted to show how I do my smaller hoochy borders. So many good ideas! A little great fabric and you have a fun time and a great result!
My moose pattern is up and ready and it is so funny and fun. Once the website is up you can order him. I also give you a whole idea of mosse sayings and themes. SO much fun!
I love this time of year. It smells good, it is colorful, it is happy for kids who are in school now and jumping in leaves and running with new friends, the sky is a beautiful blue against the pretty trees, quilters are busy and happy and cooking and baking to share, and there are many blessings around you if you take notice. Have a wonderful October and make a quilt that is happy and possibly a story about YOU. Thanks for visiting friend.