Saturday, March 31, 2012

You Know What Makes Me SMILE? People Who Smile!

 Photos here are taken at different workshops across the US and you will recognize some of the photos are my retreat photos of people who came to Idaho. Above is a wreath class I taught and her great creative take on my wreath (love it) and below is the always beautiful Kathy Collins from Georgia who I get to see at least once a year....
It makes me smile to look at these photos of many of you who come in here and visit and I have this Queen on my window sill who waves everytime the sun comes out-she was a gift from tasuti Zoo and I love her!
MISS TINA below is in the middle and she is our CHEF at my Idaho Retreat this year flying in from the LA area...can you tell she is fun? AND she is a fabulous cook too! Sue and De who are still recovering from their car accident are next to her. Thankfully they are doing better and better.
As I said, I smile when someone else is smiling and I am thankful for so many quilting friends who love to smile with their creativity. If you aren't smiling and laughing as you create, something is missing. :0) Hope this made you happy too

Saturday, March 24, 2012

HAPPY Colors for a Happy DaY

Above is Mel's new sample from "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks"-look at the cupcakes, the candy, and the darling apron-all are quick, easy and fun for YOU or for lovely gifts....
Deb Green told me about this site to make these adorable bees and ladybugs. Since my Granddaughter is so crazy about bugs, I can't wait. Maybe this is a project you would like to do with someone you LOVE. Thank you Deb, you're a great friend!
Decided to just put some colorful things up to get your artist thinking and to encourage them to come out and play!