Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, I have had stacks and stacks of buildings and houses sitting around and yesterday Connie came over and we grabbed some of them and started sewing a neighborhood.  There is still more to do and we have another row that is in pieces and a nice border picked out to surround the while thing. I plan to do some embroidery and add buttons for flowers, some rick rack here and there and maybe a small bird or two. 

    Some of you in my block exchange will recognize YOUR house! I have both friend's houses and my houses and trees from the tree swap we did. The houses were smaller so the tall trees are put away with more houses and we will probably do those too.

    While looking through the vault of blocks and things to sew together we found some great Fall blocks I had forgotten about so those will be put together into a little wallhanging to take to Salt Lake and other places I travel.
It is so much fun sewing with a friend.

     We put some Pandora tunes on and we both just sew and invent and laugh. It is really fun and this won't just be an ordinary house after house quilt. It will be unique and happy and little surprises if you look!  It is those surprises that make sewing things like this fun. We both agree that to be surprised is delightful and so fun and we love this aspect of creating! Keep in mind this is only the beginning of this wallhanging and you will love it once it is done!
I am going to offer the quilt below as a workshop in Lancaster PA if they choose it for AQS.  It is a fun Flower Power class and I have some ideas for really fun pots if you would like to change them. Color makes these sing!
I a
This is the culmination of many swaps we did in my swap group. Rebecca Shafer my clever friend is putting hers all together. This would be a fun workshop if your guild might be interested.It would have to be at least two day
The leaf below is just one of the things I am using to build a nice little Fall Wall hanging...color and shape makes Fall images wonderful
More PARTS from my Fall Wallhanings...I actually have more parts than I need...isn't that nice? LOVE my crazy crows and owls...just wait until you girls see them!

This has been a lovely week for me and I feel a lottle Fall in the air even though it is still quite warm-my tomatoes are in abundance and the squirrels outside are digging up my yard hiding nuts and who knows what else -sigh. I do sleep better in the Fall and I love to take deep breaths of the air as I walk. I am thankful for many many blessings and you are on that list. Hope to see you this year or next for laughs and creating and fun! Let's explore and invent!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

STORIES in West Virginia! Come join the fun and just in time!!! ALSO a cow idea....

NOVember 2nd through 7th is my STORY QUILT Retreat in West Virginia at Cedar Creek in Ripley West Virginia. The beauty there is like no other place and we have a blast!
.I goofed and said I was doing a Christmas class when in fact it is a STORY QUILT CLASS.
I will be bringing some recipes  like my Aunt May's raisin cream pie which is delicious and my fajita recipe which also is wonderful and one night we have a kind of party and we all pitch in to buy cheese, breads, and good stuff-people bring wine and some people bring their favorite non alcoholic beverage. Every year our gurus of craft do a great demo on something really fun to make and they bring the stuff! Last year we had two or three great projects and I mean great! This year we have a button project that is going to be awesome and June always teaches us something that is know like I mean a good thing you will want to show friends and wear or show off. If you come bring buttons because she has lots to show! I will probably bring something fun for an idea. I will probably bring some kind of pattern to give out that is new and no one has seen! Bring a story about you or someone you love and let's turn it into a great quilt!!!
Please consider coming. West Virginia isn't that far for you girls who want me to come East!
(NOTE TO JULIEROSE_ this is why you take a class- I help you let go-ask others! The class is the best way to get OUT OF THE BOX!!! You would love it-honest

OR you might want to learn how to do free form birds ow maybe a cow you have in mind. Come and join the fun.
We have one in West Virginia if you live East and one in Truckee if you live West. Both are an easy plane ride.

Hope to see you in West Virginia.
Don't forget about the story quilt class in Tahoe if you are in the West!
For those of you who want a new cow idea, how about COWton Abbey or MOOnions (as in Minions)