Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chickens Happy Not to be turkey's!

This week Debbie Frey sent me this darling chicken she made from the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book. I think she is darling and she has cheddar for a background which is the best color to use in quilting as it shows all other colors off beautifully!
I had lunch at my Cupcake friend Eilenes yesterday and this was on her wall!
I love it
She made us turkey Panini with Apple, herbed cream cheese, cranberries, and smoked Gouda on sour dough. Amazing!
This was our dessert! Really quite wonderful.
This week I had a fabulous surprise . Yvonne Porcella my California friend sent me a darling cherry necklace. Yvonne is one of the most creative people I know.
Very fun! I adore cherries.
Our organic turkey this week. So good
My daughter and I went to Nordstroms today and these two signs were on sale. They made us laugh! No we did not buy them.
My friend Eilene made this snowman! So cute for this time of year!
As many of you know my Grand daughter is crazy about bugs and has been for years. Eilene found this fabric for me. Wish it was enough to make her a little blouse. So fun!
This was a project that Carol made in my story quilt class in West Virginia. Love the fun and won't this be great quilted and on a  wall?
Found this wonderful photo of my parents who were born the very same day. This will make a darling story quilt! Look at those styles!
I found this fabric I designed in my stash and it reminded me of the shopping madness! Maybe it is time for more fabric like this. Happy and fun. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Smile Blesses Our Hearts and Gives Us Happiness and Gratitude

Today while thinking of things I am thankful for I started thinking about smiles and what a wonderful thing they are and how they can create a good vibe for anyone and how I feel when I see someone smile. So I went through a few of my 26000 photos and quickly found some that make me smile. There are many more and this is just a smattering, Wonder if you know any of these people. If you do, please comment and tell us what you like about smiles and you may be getting a little surprise from me in December. It makes me smile to know you are reading my blog friends.
If you know someone here please tell them because of their beautiful smile they made my blog. Bunny Sisters, I could not find a great photo of you! So many people got left out but if you send me a happy photo I will post it!

You can see other people you may know with lovely smiles if you friend me on Facebook! Very fun and happy too

In the end smiles are free and they make us all feel so good. If you want to do something nice this time of year, share your smile because it makes everyone feel special and loved by you and sincerely I think it is good for your cells and soul! Given the choice between being sad or happy with a smile on your face which one would you pick? Think about it!