Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MONTANA QUILTERS read this! Classes coming up and good ideas from the Hoochy Two-chy book!

Great fun with good handouts and secrets and ideas For great quilts and color and fun!
Here’s the scoop:
2 day workshop with Mary Lou Weidman!
May 4 & 5, 2018, 9:30-4:00 at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, 1502 Shirley Road, Helena MT..

 Using a fun technique I will show you how to make a baby quilt quickly for kids of any age and larger quilts made beautiful quilts and borders for story quilts too.
 Above is an EASY piecing method that is fun and easy and makes great quilts that viewers love. The blocks below are being added to this week so I can have a fun full sized quilt complete with buttons and fun embellishements. Great color, easy technique and fun friends. Can't be beat!
 Below is a sample from my Hoochy Mama book that started me with experimenting with Easy Piecing and FUN!  It is the perfect size for a baby and if you don't like brights you could use baby colors too.
 Below is the book that has all of the dogs and cats and hats and birds and chickens and other easy piecing things like the borders in the front of the book. Easy and effective!! Marylouquiltdesigns.com
Click on patterns and books. :0)

Isn't this the truth? I met some really wonderful ladies in their 80's and late 70's that were beautiful and had so much to share with me about being happy and continuing creativity. I am making lists of things I want to accomplish in the next five years God willing. I am planning on serving people in my community that are not as blessed as I am. God has truly been so very good to me in so many ways.
I met a woman not long ago that had an amputation and she said she kept a serious gratitude journal which I also keep. She agreed with me that the more you appreciate and write with positivity, the more you stay positive and happy. 

I wanted to share this image of a Grandmother that Laura from Texas made for one of her story quilts. (She is one of the famous Bunny Sisiters -wlong with Charlotte from Florida. They also are known as the Webb sisters. I love how this Grandmother could be holding anything sweet as Grandmothers do. :0)
 Here are some flowers we will discuss in the Easy Piecing Class. SO many possibilities. Some of these patterns are in the Hoochy Two-chy class too. Quite easy and quite fun too.

 Imagine sewing these quilt blocks and creating a great quilt with fun shapes and fabrics!
Below, one of the classes I teach is crazy birds. This pattern in a couple styles are in the Hoochy 
Two-chy book as well. I have a handout for both the Montana class and the Madeline Island Class in October. You can look up my schedule at Marylouquiltdesigns too. I have lots of cool samples all quilted and ready for you to see. Hoping I can inspire the Montana girls and girls who come to Madeline Island. I will also be bringing quilts no one has seen yet. 
Cats are fairly quick and so much fun for happy quilt wall hangings. Remember your cats in a quilt! 

 Below is a Story quilt about New Mexico.
 Next year will be my last year at Asilomar. The sign up is May 4th at Emptyspoolsseminars. I am going to be saving my tiaras for my own retreat in June and a couple of other venues. I turn 70 next year and am going to stick to a guild class occasionally, my Retreat and some teacher in my own city along with working at the Mission and am going to take some class I always wanted to take at our local college. My Grandchildren are growing older and I love being with them. I got a studio to spend time creating in and am going to tell stories from grade school, my parents, my children, my husband and I, my girlfriends and other important things. Though I know I cannot tell them all, I think it is important to tell what has been lovely and fun in my life. I feel there needs to be another "Aunts" quilt also.  So if you want to do a story quilt come join me at Asilomar next year or my class here in Spokane next door to my studio. We have alot of fun and you have access to all my quilts and things in my studio. :0)
     I have fun things coming up this year and if you live in Montana I would love to have you join us March 4th and 5th for Easy piecing and lots of varied quilts and color.
 Quilt below is by Sandy Fisher who did this quilt about her daughter who was six. She now has twins of her own and cherishes this quilt. Who would not love a quilt that their Mother made when they were small. Think about a nice gift for someone you love!
 Susan Brubaker Knapp and I. I love being a quilter and I love having quilters for friends. If you are a quilter, you are lucky indeed!!
Share yourself and kindness with those who happen along and enjoy giving kindness where you happen to be. That makes us all happy. Hugs are healthy, for all of us did you know that? Stay healthy this month. I am sending YOU a big hug!
  Mary Lou