Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Goes Too Fast!

It has been a beautiful summer for me and I love this weather and warm winds, water, kids laughter et !
 My son is still enjoying keeping fit. He and wife ride weekly a long way and now their two kids go too. Nice to do this as a family!
 Fooling around with self portraits. The idea is you do what you feel like that day! It is so much fun!
My yard us so pretty this summer. I love seeing the colors and happiness out there!
   I I have been working on a few things to have quilts ready for Quilt Art magazine and also doing three episodes for the program. 😊 one thing I am discussing is my embellishing. My quilts have lots! 
Keys make great embellishments. In many ways too!!
 My son in law had a good summer catching salmon and his daughter loves the beach too!
 These are great story quilt ideas!!
Speaking of Candia Tucker drew up a story quilt about her sons who are musicians! Good musicians! 
 AAnd she completed it and they are talking about using it on their CD cover! A great memory and a legacy quilt for sure!!
I think this is great!
So I treated myself to Sue Benner's class at Prochem in Fall River Mass. I knew nothing about dyeing though years ago I did dyed fabrics and in college I did mono prints etc.
Wow did I ever have a lot to learn. Great gals and great teacher and facility!
 Sue dyed this piece and cut it up later for the class to each have a piece! Such fun.
 PPart of one of my pieces... I still need to
Add more color and detail.
 This is sunflowers that I now will paint in details and put border on and have quilted. Such fun! Dyed, mono painted, painted and stamped.
 Two of my pieces from a distance. I want the background of pumpkin quilted in turquoise. Pumpkin needs yellow greens and purples. Such fun!
Sorry the same photo posted below--- I cannot delete it. Frustrating!

 SStill working on this! 
My most favorite one I did not get a photo of but it will be done and quilted soon. 😊
I love this one. It is silk and have plans for it as well.
 Quilting night totally save this. More silk. 😊
 Wendy who sat close to me did this scarf. Isn't it great???
This is a cool Mono print Sue made. Such fun. I may never appliquΓ© again! 
Just kidding!
 My biggest good. Plan to bring it around with some mono  prints and hand painting. 😊 
 HHad lobster rolls twice! The East has the BEST LOBSTER!!
       Bad weather leaving and we say on plane on Tarmac friction plus hours. Got off plane and a half hour got on plane. Sat an hour and finally took off to Denver with lightening rain and thunder with us all the way. Had to pay for hotel as I missed my connection. Sigh.
Next day found out I could not get out of Denver until 10:55 tonight. Had to leave my hotel room at noon or pay for another day. I did not want to spend 10 hours in airport so I paid a second day. 😠
But I will be home in bed tonight after midnight and hopefully safe and sound.
This week was a blessing! πŸ‘