Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Order Hoochy Mama Books

So I am having my website redone and until I can get home to help the guy doing it I was thinking how you can order Hoochy mama book. 
If you go to " Marylouweidman.com" and go to products you can order Flower Power and in the customer notes write that you want Hoochy Mama which is $20. It looks just like Flower Power but is for blocks and snowmen and wonky easy piecing. I found a case hiding in my garage. Connie my neighbor actually found them.  Hooray! I know many people wanted this book. 
Now you can have your own copy. And start creating one of a kind blocks!! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Asilomar Week- I am so Happy by the ocean!

Here O am in front of Ice Plant and in front of the beautiful ocean.
The flowers here are unreal and amazing! 
Ice plant in all colors!
And the trees! Amazing
Darling mail
Darling paper shop
Tassuti Zoo - Darling shop!!!
This place is so filled with color and beauty and sounds of the ocean it is a creative high! God is blessing me this week! I am still on the no sugar, no starches and Lo
Dairy and I am still smiling. I've lost more weight as my pants are loose instead of tight but I don't know how much. 
It's not hard now and I feel
Like I have more energy. 
    I hope your week is blessed. I will
Keep showing more- like quilts and fun things as the week progresses!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hoochy Mama books are Back! This and That and Colorful Photos for FUN

Flower Power samplesπŸ˜€
Pretty fun and there are Hoochy mama blocks in here too!
Good news I just found a box of Hoochy Mama books and they are available at Marylouweidman. Com
They haven't been available for a year or so. Happy I can sell these as its a fun book!
Lynn made this amazing Breast pillow for people who have breast surgery. I am going in tomorrow for an MRI to see if there are more tumors present.
God is with me.
I am not sure but I think this photo is supposed to be made into fabric. I don't see how because of all the colors but will wait and see.
Three more cross blocks for the cross quilt I spoke of earlier. It is sure to help me heal.
In my room across from Disneyland this painting hung. Would make an excellent quilt!
GOOD NEWS!!! I lost ten pounds in three and a half weeks.
No sugar, no starches and no dairy. Someone warned me about my recipes. Those are for special occasions and Ibwon't be eating them until long after my Cancer surgery and radiation. If I am not eating sugar I know I can't eat French toast or cookies. Haha
From my Asilomar quilt owned by Del Thomas
Maybe you can grab your very own ideas here! Make up your own fun neighborhood! Use your own imagination for fun!
I am going to Asilomar this week and can't wait to have a wonderful time!!!i adore hearing stories old and new and putting them into quilts! Great fun with great gals!!!
Enjoy your week friends and count your many blessings for the road to happiness.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blocks from workshop, beautiful trees , shoes and Cross blocks

Apples and leaves from Autumn class in Orange County. Very fun! Hoochy style- easy piecing
Pumpkins and hats and owls ... OH MY!
My visit to Nordstrom I learned that shoes are too expensive and weird... But great for quilts! 😜
Snakes anyone?
Beautiful trees in bloom in Orange- blue jacaranda trees everywhere and so wonderful!

Blog- with heart in hands- Michele Bileau
The instructions for the cross quilt they are making for me are on here. It is under the listing "liberated crosses."  I think these are wonderful and I hope to make some myself and send them to Michele.
Many people have asked me about the cross quilt that Michele B. Is putting together. Red background with turquoise or other color crosses. Small size is 4.5 x 5.5 and larger size is 7.5 x any size as long as it is not wider than tall. I am having a senior mement and will put an address and more detail on this soon. 
     I see the surgeon about my breast cancer on Tuesday so I'll know what to plan for. I am not nervous and can face anything with God holding my hand and the love of my family and friends. 
Hoping to post a recipe later this week.
I have given up sugar and have lots more energy- gave up starches and dairy too. So far it's not that hard. 😊
     Have a great week friends!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This and That, Friends in LA, French Desserts

Mel bought this beautiful quilt from Denise Schmidt 
Close up of the quilt quite wonderful
Three girlfriends giddy about a happy bday together! Such fun
Del Thomas with Mary Lou in front of the Asilomar quilt she purchased and Mary Lou made. 
We ate at a French restaurant downtown LA and the desserts were amazing. I am not eating sugar so I peeked. Yum!

The photo of the guy above is my sweet cousin Bobby Georgeson whose Mother was my Fathers older sister. He lived with our family when he was in college. Very popular with the girls, true Irish wit, and lots of fun. He always had flashy cars and  beautiful turquoise jewelry. What a guy. He died today of leukemia. There is a party in heaven with the Donahues tonight. πŸ˜€
They are collecting crosses on Facebook for a quilt for me as I will have breast surgery soon. I think these two blocks from Molly Evangelisti is quite wonderful! I adore New Mexico and words of faith! I am blessed!