Wednesday, June 7, 2017

(Backup) A Retreat Fit for Any Princess! A Stack of beautiful Tiaras Ready!

  2. Prizes are all ready for each day at my retreat. We will be using the Focused Fitness Classroom next door to my studio so I have access to my library, paints, quilts, fabrics and anything else we need to tell our life's Stories in beautiful fabrics. It is so much fun.
  3. We have girls coming from New York, Maryland, Virginia, California,  Canada, Spirit Lake, and Tri Cities.  Some people say that they cannot come because they live too far. That is the point of coming! Come see Washington and Idaho and the Great Northwest!
  5. I have NO IDEA why these numbers are showing up so ignore them please.
  6. The photo above is me in another cowgirl outfit. Think of this as a story quilt with cowboy boots, play gun, Hopalong Cassidy and the others and a horse! Every girls dream in my day!
  8. Part of my Story Quilt about John C. Campbell Folk Art School! Really a fun story to tell!

  10. I have been having so
  11. Much fun teaching Self Portraits! The idea is to tell who you are today!! Not what you look like but inside who you are!
  12. This is a story about a retired Stewardess and she used her 50 year old skirt to make the top. All of this is in the works but includes her pins, her hat and lots of other things she has kept!! Wonderful!

  14. The eyes here are just the best. So many ideas here and lots of color and texture will be added!
  16. It is a lot of fun to see what people choose for hair and skin!! 
  18. A sample of one of my pieces. My parents lived in Phoenix for 22 years as snowbirds. I decided this background was perfect!!
 One girl is going to do many blocks from my new book Hoochy-Two-chy. This dog is pretty darn lovable. Hee hee.
 I started this basket in my studio and I am working on borders. Then I am adding an angel and many flowers and leaves and some kind of a letter. Can't wait to continue it and tell a story about something in my life. What would you tell?
        I will be telling the dates for next year soon. I will have it during Farm Chicks and Art Fest again. It is so much fun going to see both. Farm Chicks is online if you Google it.
Later this week we will go to Coeur d'Alene Idaho fir a field trip and lunch at the hotel ad fabric shopping. It promises to be a great week for all of us!