Friday, June 19, 2015

Chickens, paintings and story quilts

This week I received TEN chicks. I ordered eight and that was too many.
I am having radiation daily until the end of the month and between me and the chicks, I am pooped. And speaking of pooped these chicks eat and poop, ALOT!
Four kinds of chicks!
     So the chicks are the good news now for the bad news.
Some creepy person gave my computer a virus that now I can't even turn it on. My dear son came over and took it to his house but I have no idea when he can get to it.
I have had a hard time getting out orders and now this makes it harder. Grrrr
         If you ordered the sheep stack or the angel block of the month pattern, I cannot send them until my son fixes the computer. I am sorry. I did not need this now.
Last week I took an acrylic painting class. 
I went to Seattle which is three hundred miles from here. Diane Culhanewas the teacher. She is an excellent teacher. I always wanted to learn how to layer. I have painted with oils and water colors do now this is fun.
Here is one of Diane's paintings. Great fun and color.
On the bathroom of the art school someone did this great mosaic. Look at the details!
Blocks ofhouses
 Jewels here and there. Lovely!
If you have not tried this dip from Trader Joes you should!!! With their crunchy rice crackers it's awesome! Let me know how you like it!
John  C Campbell now has my quilt about their history. For now the plan to hang it in the Keith house. I love this quilt as it was a lot of work!

I am ending with this photo that I love! I am working on chicken quilts for a booklet and bring back a new chicken soup pattern. If you were one of the people who wanted one they are available now for $12. This lady is going into one of the quilts for sure. Stay tuned.
The quilt above is the new Chicken soup pattern. It's being quilted and then buttons will complete it. Great fun!!
    Dear friend have a good week this week and pay it forward to others. We are blessed to be a blessing and this IS the meaning of life. Be someone's joy today.