Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Things for Smiles!

I got these adorable snowmen ornaments- aren't they creative? Thank you Molly 
A new chicken to join the others.
This is probably the last year for this Christmas tree which is going to my daughter in laws house for next year. I want fresh, short and fat for next year. My time with a tall tree is over I am afraid. I have soany happy ornents and I will keep my revolving stand so I can load next years tree up.
A gift from Gloria at Cedar Lakes in West Virginia (awesome). Darling
A German ornament I bought last year- I love it!
This years ornents from Gloria.
A drawing for Christmas from my little Granddaughter. Darling. Ne d's to be a quilt.
My John C Campbell quilt has a teeny bit left and then the border and quilting and it's done! It is huge but tells alit of their story. Love what it offers.
I got a larger family photo and gave this size one to each of my children so they had a nice photo of their Dad with all of us. NICE.
My new wall designed by my daughter in law who hung everything's big up after it was painted. Fun.
I think this is something we can all use from time to
Time- how about you?
      I just got word that I am getting a big order of bolts of fabric. I am often frustrated that I can't find the fabrics I love to use. So I put in some orders so we can all have cool bright fabrics when we want them. Stay tuned. 
Hope you have a happy and healthy new Year. It has to be better than this year was. 😃

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Things that are Fun and that Matter

love my Christmas tree because I have collected loads of ornaments over the years and friends have given me my favorites. The one above was bought last year in Germany at a Christmas Market in Baden Baden. I think she is adorable.
My friend Gloria who lives in West Virginia where I teach (Cedar Lake) every year sent me this last year. I love it. Hand made and darling.
This silly chicken came from an Art Museum somewhere. I cannot remember which one but she is so cute! I love folk art.
Someone fun gavemr this silly cow last year because everyone knows how much I love cows! Makes me and my Grabdkids laugh!
This ornament was purchaed last year when I found out my husband was ill. This year he is gone and Ibrealuze more than ever how important love is.
This little ornament was made years ago at a decorating ornament party I had. Little Jesus has many French knots for hair and accents on His halo. It's old and I love it.
This ornament was a gift from a friend who knows I buy tiaras for my story quilt students. I love this as she is so whimsical
.making ornaments from gourds is something I love because it is folk art. This one is the cutest reindeer ever!
I bought this girl year ago because she is paper mâché. This year my daughter laughed loud and said she is the homeliness ornament she has ever seen. I think she is beautiful.
I received this beautiful ornament from Karen Schmucker from TN a Nebraska of years ago in an ornament swap. She is dear to me.
Many of you know that I have given to the homeless for years here. I buy men's pajamas for the Mission each winter as when a man spends the night there they must bathe and wear pajamas. Then their clothing gets washed and fixed. Sometimes they are given new and better clothing. So years ago I started saving from my quilt teaching money. 

    This year I took my two Grandchildren to buy the pajamas and then we drove to the Mission and dropped them off.  I am hoping they learn the importance of giving. It makes the season brighter for all of us!

     Thank you to those of you who prayed for me this year and helped me in so many ways. This was a tough year and I pray that next year will be a blessing to all of us.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chicago is My Kind of Town!

I am at the end of an exciting trip to Chicago to visit. I started the week with Bernina Ambassador training. A nice group of us got to learn all of the fabulous things the new 880 sewing machine can do. It is simply so inspiring and exciting when you see what you can achieve. And my mind has been spinning with ideas for story quilts, projects to work on with my Grand children and how I can take embroidery and fill up some of my people and things I have painted on muslin.
Remember how I always say how WORDS are powerful? Well, you can print off anything anything you want to say using this machine. Wonderful and provides ways to follow through with what your mind invents!
Here are some of the Bernina teachers who taught us so many trucks. Some of you might know Jeanne Delpit who is the Grand Poobah of Bernina and helps them and all of us and always with a smile and great sincerity. She is the face of professionalism and is not only pretty but fun too.
Here I am with Mary Mashuta who was in my original class maybe 15 years ago?
Above, Nancy Prince won best of show this year at Market With her quilt that took four years to make! She is a doll!
Scenes I took of her large quilt
Sue Nickels gave a talk that was informative and fun. She is a fabulous teacher if she comes to your area.
So I sat by the window on the plane and here are a couple photos of Chicago from the air. Funny how brown it all looks.
Kirby Smith shows his cat quilt made with his Bernina. He is very creative.
Mary Mashuta with her quilt. Stay tuned she has a new book coming out. Really I got so few photos of the girls because there was no time! We were all so excited to learn as much as we could.
If you need a machine do what I have done many times - but a Bernina! 
Side note;- I burned the motor out of five (YES FIVE- honest) Singers. I kept paying a couple hundred dollars each. Finally I went for a Bernina thanks to my friend Julie and I have never looked back!
😊 The tree above is at Anthropologie! We went to stay in downtown Chicago when our Bernina Adventure was over.
Bloomingdales Mall
Horses to represent Fallen Pilice Officers. Beautiful and sad too.
In front of the Chicago Institute of Art.
I will share more once I get home. It has been an inspiring and wonderful trip along with Mel McFarland . A great memory! #Bernina #Nancy Prince #quilt teachers #mary Lou Weidman