Tuesday, April 25, 2017

(Backup) Empty Spools experience for Mary Lou

 Beautiful flowers everywhere in Pacific Grove California     Flowers and succulents are happy here just like the people!
California Poppies and more
 The ocean views are exciting and beautiful!  
Flowers along the beaches are red red and wonderful!
Even weeds are exciting!

Large sprays of ocean water and smells out there today mixed with flower smells. Delicious!!
Those upper two photos got mixed around. BCk Porch is my favorite quilt shop! Amazing!
Gwen's (Marston) wonderful  work!
Dinner at Peppers with Melinda Bula last night and today at Red
House for lunch with Robyn Hazard and her husband. 😊👍
 My friend Sue sent me a photo of a dog she made from
The new book. Pretty cute I would say!!

I am ending with this photo taken here last month. It is always changing and always lovely. Stay tuned for what I do in my class with Lura Schwartz Smith. Can't wait!

Friday, April 21, 2017

A Sunny day and lots of preparations for a fun, Quilting Story Spring!

Just designed the new cups for the retreat! Pretty fun. All things I love and hoping I can inspire my friends to enjoy life and creating and being original. :0) So many girls have great Story Quilt ideas to leave a legacy for who they are and what they love! In 80 years what will people know about you from your quilts?

The question was asked if I was ever going back East. Gosh you have to be asked and really right now the farthest I have been asked is for Wisconsin next year. I am not sure why. Maybe quilters in the East do not know who I am and what I do. If you belong to a guild in the East there are lots of people who ask me why I don't come back there. Would love to but need an invitation. Cityquilter, hope this helps. Email me at Lattegirl@aol.com

Eating is always part of the Retreat experience. We are lucky to have always had great cooks and bakers and field trips to good restaurants. :0)
Taken in Coeur'd Alene Idaho which is right next door and has a great quilt shop!

The quilt below was one of the many wonderful story quilts made by Dawn who has passed away. She has left a nice legacy of beautiful stories for those that loved her. She was wonderful. This quilt was made for her daughter in law.
Below is Susan who is really talented with anything that has to do with art. And she has a great smile!

The beginning of a story by Lisa- about herself which is wonderful!
Here we are gathered around talking about blocks.
Lisa with her work on day 3. :0)
Below is the border of a great story quilt!
Below is a story about a cruise...pretty fun!
Sandy made this quilt about her daughter's 6th birthday. Such fun!
Below Deloros remembered trips to Aruba with her family. Love the colors and story here!
My friend Sue did a story about herself when she was little. Isn't this cute?
The quilt below is about four girls on Christmas coming down to see what is there! And the photo looked just like this! Joyful faces!!
Below Candy did a prize winning quilt about her Grandmother who would go out during a full moon and open her purse and say this for money to show up later on. :0) Isn't it great?!!!!
The quilt below is one I did about my husband's passing and how I got chickens to give me someone to care for.
The quilt below has LOTS of history. My friend Betty Chan did the story about her parents coming over from China at different times to help the family all finally one day unite. It is beautiful and has many memories in it you cannot see.
I sold my Quilter's retirement Home this week and wanted you to see the details in case you missed it. My friend Marie in Minnesota bought it and I was happy to sell it to her because she "got it" and she loved it as I did. She is hanging it in her home.

Troll in the mote
Quilters in every window, each doing things we love. Even a Grandmother which many of us can relate to.
Above, the royal stash that we will all share.
A man trying to get Rapunzel to help him. Nope, she wants to quilt and has no time for romance.

My new book is available to help YOU stretch and create. Marylouquiltdesigns.com
Below are all kinds of ideas yu can use from the book!
Border block ideas.
You can also send a check for an order to Mary Lou Weidman
2106 S. Dishman-Mica Suite #5, Spokane Valley, wash 99206
Send $29.00- this includes a $22. book and priority shipping and also alot of fun!
The quilt below is made by a woman in Brazil who took the cat pattern and did her own thing! Isn't it great?
Border ideas!
Sandy Fisher's flower ideas from the basic flower ideas.
The Biunny sisters came to Spokane from Florida and Texas to take the retreat and usual they did amazing quilts.
Laura and Charlotte are hysterical sisters who have great witt and are really fun!! I have come to love them both as I do many friends who share their stories!
More ideas on what we ate one year!
Below is Sandy from Montana with her reward winning quilt about Italy. Isn't it great!!
OK, just wanted to inspire you.
We still have those two openings for the retreat. Information is on Marylouquiltdesigns.com Come and join us and you won't be sorry!