Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A. Quick "HELLO"- winners found with next Post- hopefully tonight or tomorrow!

Above says it all- I LOVE chickens! No matter the size!
Piecing greadt fabrics together and thinking Autumn makes for great Autumn classes and creativity!
 The quilt below was made by Mari Linfesty from Owl blocks we swaped. It is a wonderful quilt and shows how you can take anything and turn it into something really wonderful. It was quilted by Pam Dransfelt. Both girls who I met in classes have become lifetime friends.
This was a little coloring I did so my Granddaughter could have an idea for something to draw.
Another bird I did for a quilt. Rick rack and striped fabric adds so much.
 These flowers samples below were done at one of my retreats. After handing out some ideas and a couple of people trying things out the class went nuts with great things.

Below is a student's work in Easy Piecing. Love the colors and effect!

This is a student's example of fun easy piecing work!

 I wanted to add this old photo here. You know how you go to someone's home and they have something you would give anything for? Well I have been in love with this fish at Freddy Morans house forever! It is so cool isn't it? A Large vase that isn't just a vase.

 Love doing words and Flower Power seems to say it all for what I draw and sew!
 I know people think I have given up on my drawing book but I haven't. I am doing some fun people and animals. Please hang in there. I have had a tough last year and a half and am trying to make up for lost time. :0)
I have always loved chickens and birds and they are in most stuff I draw and make these days. :0)

 Sewing easy piecing birfds is loads of fun to do and this is a workshop that is alot of fun because you can do birds and add flowers or do flowers and add birds and everyone loves them. This week Connie and I took different fabrics and we both made four of the same bird. They turned out cool and I will use the photos in the new Hoochy Mama Two book and for workshops I teach. We have some new secrets to make birds look even more different and fun.
These birds were made by my swap group on Yahoo.