Monday, February 13, 2017

Oh I almost forgot!

 I love this sign. I have had it for many years. Many of you probably do not know I painted rodeo signs at one time in my life haha. I have done many signs in my day and lots of paintings etc. Lots of art work. 
This sign hangs above the door that goes into my studio. 
 Next to the door into my studio. Love the metal flowers. Makes me happy!
 Cute things in my studio that make me happy to be in there!
 A little place to sit and think.  What is better than red shoes and red chairs? 
The chicken is Navajo from New Mexico. 
 My friend Wendy sent me this note pad. I love anything chicken!
 This is the other side of my retail. It has a work table for painting and when I teach classes. Plus another cutting table behind it. I wanted to show the darling hanging my friend Molly made for me when I found out I had cancer. Seemed like good luck to hang it in the studio! The star is a measurement gadget and Inusually have it in the star shape. My friend Linda gave this to me when she came to Farm Chicks and my retreat one year. I love it.
 I dug out two quilts I started and ironed them and put a head and a hat on the one on the left. I am adding a vegetable garden to both and perhaps trees. It will grow as I start sewing. Fun.
  Above is a story quilt I made.
I have two openings in my Asilomar class. You can sign up at
I will be teaching Story Quilts and each student gets their very own real and beautiful tiara. I have done this for a long time and love sharing this with my students! If you want to tell a story about you or someone you love, this is the class for you!!
Also I am so excited that the series Infid for Quilting Arts is out. Check your local station for this program! I am in this three times and will be on television. If you would like to order the series (that has lots of great ideas and teachers) then go to Quilting Arts online. 
Also Inwill have an article about Self Portrait Quilts in the May issue of Quilting Arts.
If you guild wants a great workshop, this is fun and has great results!! 
 The views out my windows 
It has been a tough winter this year and normally Intesch in warmer places this time of year. I decided to not teach so I could be home to sort and get my studio ready.  I have had it with snow and ice. 
 I am going to close with this darling little girl. This is how I feel when I sit down to sew! What fun!! 
      I decided today that I am going to include a paper inside my new book that will tell you how to sign up for the block of the month club. Will be doing a simple kit to mail out and a challenge with the page number on it. I have some fun ideas!
       Hope you are warm and upbeat and happy! Turn off the news and concentrate on how you can be a light in your world and give a hand up to someone who needs it!

Telling YOUR Story

 Two openings in my Story Quilts class at Asilomar in California ! Come join us and make a quilt about you or take children's artwork and make a timeless family treasure.
It's fun and it's a class on being original and out of the box. Tiaras a perk!
Session 3
     Come join the fun! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Valentines, New Book! and New Studio!

My friend Tina gave me this little Valentines cupid which is darling but I thought the back was as cute as the front. Good for a smile which I like to give my friend's. 
HI Friends!
Thank you for not giving up on me and my blog. I have been so very busy! I moved all of my quilting things out of my home where my studio has been for many years into a brand new spot that is commercial and amazing! Lots of windows and lots of beautiful light!
I am working on new things and am doing patterns out of the wool wallhangings I have done and I will have photos of those fairly soon. I will be selling some of my favorite fabrics on my website and some other things will be added as time goes on.
I plan to do some private classes for small groups which will be fun because I can give good attention etc. 
June 4-8th is my retreat dates for this year and as we have done before we will be attending Farm Chicks on Sunday. You would come in on Saturday and Sunday morning we will be attending Farm Chicks and then we will go to Perry Street Pizza. Then the next four days we will be sewing up a storm. Story Quilts, projects from the New book Hoochy Twochy or possibly a chicken quilt since this is the year of the Rooster. Lots of ideas and lots of creativity here and alot of fun!
My studio is part of a large gym complex that has many health business's, insurance, dental etc and luckily they have a large beeautiful classroom with a full kitchen. I will be hiring Miss Tina from LA again to share her cooking expertise! Tiaras and other fun prizes will be included and a field trip to Coeur d'Alene and Dockside restaurant too! We still have a few openings. $750. for the five days.

 Well I did a screen shot of my new book cover and cannot crop it without it getting totally out of focus. Grrr. Anyway, it should be printed in two weeks and the website company is finishing up my store and will have the new book on there. Hooray! This photo gives you the basic idea.

Below is the happy dog from the book. It is all done Hoochy style.And easy with big pieces. There are boats and cars, and dogs and cats and many fun things included plus pages from the Hoochy Mama book and from the Flower Power book. We hope to do a block of the month group after awhile and I will be doing pins for everyone and a six week challenge. Pretty fun! Being happy and Out of the Box is what this is all about! My website is Mary Lou Designs or

 Below is my studio after they painted the entry side of it. No furniture yet!
 Here is my desk as it was added to the studio. Empty shelves!
There were about three times this many boxes and lots of furniture. Sheesh.
Entry front side. This is a small retail space that will be open when the weather is warm and beautiful. I have small quilts hung there now that I will offer patterns in. I have some fabrics (only ones I would use since I can use them if they do not sell and they are hard to find). I have collected bird houses for a long time and the birdhouse above was a gift from my dear friends when my Father died. It means the world to me. Pam Clarke gave me this little corner unit years ago and I love it too.
 Ikea drawer units hold everything you need! I have two of them -one in each room.
 My daughter in law sorted every button I had (huge assortment-REALLY) and all of my trims and threads and needles and well, you know all of my STUFF. It is all tidy and wonderful! It is a pleasure to open the drawers and the huge containers of buttons! Oh and beads and the cupboard with paints, canvas's, pdf fabric, craft things all in order! Would love to do a painting on fabric class maybe this summer sometime.
                                                             Drawer two
                                                                     Drawer three

Aove- My friend Molly gave me this cute quilting lady and she is holding my actual fabrics I desiged. Great fun!
Below is my clock collection and my dearest most favorite clock is from the Bunny Sisters, Charlotte and Laura. They have been dear to me for many years and I adore them. They have me the LOVE clock!

 This is above my cutting table with pins and gadget I use.
 My sewing machine with the trailer over that Connie made me. You can barely see it but it has a little Hawaiian girl that dances as I sew on the top left. :0)
 My card holder and arling birdhouse. Makes me happy.
 Below is just stuff I collected. Red makes me sing...or at least feel like it
Baskets I have collected. So pretty and a gourd lady and another birdhouse. 
 Retail side which is so different now. No boxes and small quilt samples on wall. I will take photos one of these days to show you.
 Below is my pin cushion collection and a photo of my Granddaughters class I helped make a school auction quilt. SO cute. I love each of those kids and they each made their own bird for the tree in the quilt. A sampler of one of my fabric lines on the bottom and button holders.
 Pin cushions I love
 My desk which has far more things above it now. All my fabric to sew with on the right.
Below is the sampler I was telling you about with my fabrics. So fun!

Below is a platter I got as a gift from my friends Wendy Price and Sandy Fisher. I have gotten this in cards so many times. I think since I have worn and given out tiaras for about ten or more years. Every girl needs a tiara. If yu don't have one you need one!!

Thats about all for now. I am ending with a quilt I did about my husband and my chickens. It seemed like a nice thing for me to end with. 
I am going to be better at doing this blog because soon the website company will be posting it and my blog will be connected. Happy day. :0)
Please comment. I would like to know you haven't given up on me and you are coming in for color and fun and getting out of the box! Things seem sad for many people now but if you have faith and enjoy quilting and sharing and making friends you do not have to be angry or sad. These emotions keep you down and are not healthy. Count your blessings like your friends, your family, a warm house, food on the table, something for a hobby and something to look forward to!
See you next time friend. :0)