Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More from Idaho Falls

 Today I went to my mailbox and Mary Beth who was in my West Virginia Cedar Lakes class sent me this wonderful CD! For you girls caught up in the COW Parade frenzy like we are, this is a must's fun and more ideas for COW quilts! Thank you so much Mary Beth for being so thoughtful!
 OK, I am getting old and I can't remember names for the life of me but this lady above was super duper fun many years ago in Capistrano when I got to teach there. Like I said this was many years ago and she sent me this photo of a quilt pattern I used to sell that she made and it shows how far she has come. But I have to say I do love this and the fabrics she chose and how cute she is all of these years later. This lady was oozing with talent...and is teaching now. If you can remember her name please get me off the hook and send it. She belonged to Beach Cities I believe also. AWESOME guild!
While I was in Idaho Falls last week they took me to a great Mexican restaurant-BEST food I have ever had-Arroz Con Pollo and their salsa was fab. Anyway, I took photos of the pretty chairs...look at these quilt ideas ladies~
Below is one of the many benches in Idaho Falls...I thought this one would be a favorite of any me!
 So we started out making freeform blocks and they got right into the spirit and we had alot of fun with great stashes and lots of talk about fabrics and where they are printed etc. I love how we build quilts right on the walls it is so much fun!

 Above was the girls in the Idaho class...I can't believe I got on the floor and actually got up by myself, haha. As you can see we were all happy and the lady in green on the left had the BEST jokes...she told one about "Rose" and I would love to know how it started so I can tell it again! Fun group!
 Below is a great Flower Quilt by the lady who told the jokes, isn't it wonderful?
 I had to show you a photo of Sue, above. She lives an hour from me and she flew to Idaho Falls to take the class...Sue decopaged one of those old cosmetic suitcases all with Mary Englebreit fabric and it was wonderful. She said this summer she is decopaging her bike! How is that for creative? I am sure we will be seeing more of each other this year.
Below is Dee and Linda who are sister in laws and the falls which is fabulous is right behind them
This is a block that Sue made and I wanted it for a certain someone who is still writing to me and wants the world to know I insulted him by calling him a "little man." I don't deny it...
 More great blocks from the class -aren't they fun>
 And still more blocks....pretty and fun and Out of the Box!

I am on my way to Asilomar and I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful week and then I get to see some of you at my Idaho retreat! I have tiaras and little surprises for both groups! Take care and say something nice to someone who might need a little sunshine in their life today.
Scroll down to see some great story quilts too!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Story Quilts Tell So Much-Sharon, Laura and Charlotte Show How it is Done!

 The darling quilt above was made by Sharon Woods who lives in Sante Fe and has bought all of my books and studied them. She really "GOT" the concept of story quilts and getting out of the box. This quilt is for her Grandchild to be...isn't it wonderful? So colorful and so happy and such whimsy. This will be a keepsake for sure! Sharon we LOVE this wonderful quilt! Thank you so much for sharing it! Sharon added this little note to her letter
Dear mary lou,
Wanted to send you a shot of my latest quilt that I did for my grandson to be. My son-in-law was born in Russia. The crocodile in the corner playing the accordion is named Gena and the little mouse on the elephants back is Cheburashka. These were two of his favorite Russian characters that he grew up with.
Sharon Woods
The quilt below is by Laura who I talk about as you read this. Laura has a style all her own and we love what she does and how she does it.
Laura always has great story quilts. She and her sister Charlotte have more stories for quilts than I ever dreamt off and they alway mention "Mother" and "Daddy" and then they tell as story and we all laugh! Laura met her husband (who was from Hawaii) on a plane and they hit it off and he started calling her in Texas and she was going to law school and before you knew it, they got married and he moved to the continental US. Vern is a great guy and Laura is a wonderful Grandmother and Mother.
The last quilt (the quilt above) that Vern sent you the picture of was the one where I
illustrated a poem that was written by my granddaughter for her Mother.
I think Mallory (granddaughter) was 10 or 11 as she was old enough to be
playing softball. We sent her a picture at the same time we sent yours
and she was blown away and loved it. She is now 27 so the poem was
written some time ago. Her Mom keeps the original on her fridge---even
after all these years. I knew it was important to Laura-Lee (daughter)
to have the poem and I know she will be thrilled when she is given the
quilt. That won't be until Christmas. The poem in it's entirety is
embroidered in the border on the cheddar fabric.
Charlotte sent me a photo of her quilt that is ready for quilting....and of coarse she talked about their Mother and Daddy and how she worked at a drive in hamburger place and wore roller skates....isn't that a fun nostalgic picture? Notice cupid and their dog and the restaurant which I think wa the Wagon Wheel
I got this letter from Charlotte about the quilt below, today.
"  I checked out your Mary Lou and Whimsy today and there we were!! The Webb Sisters’ quilts. It is always a thrill to see them on line. My Mother did work at the Wagon Wheel Drive In and it might not show up in the picture but my Dad was working at Bruce’s Juices which is where the road leads. I really like this quilt and can hardly wait to see it quilted and finished. They always look so much better then. "
Laura and Charlotte please chime in and I will post what you girls have to say about these story quilts! It is fun for us to know ALL of the details....
I get to spend a week with them when they fly from Florida and Texas to join the girls who come for my retreat in Idaho. If you didn't sign up, you will missing a super time and a wonderful chef's meals. We will miss you!
Charlotte has a Grandson and she asked him one day after something simple happened  "Does that make me a bad Grandma?" And He answered "there ARE no bad Grandma's." Now isn't that sweet and just what we all want our Grandkids to think! Right?
NOTE her Grandkids names are in the borders stars...history in the quilt and that is what we love!
Story quilts show in years to come who and what people hold dear in their hearts...they have real power and potential for sentiments.....

Show and Tell Inspires All of Us to Think What We Could Do in the Future....

Isn't the quilting in this wonderful, colorful quilt great? These quilts are from our show and tell night in West Virginia! Very inspiring for sure!
 These photos are from West Virginia and I always love show and tell. The following photos were take from an evening show and tell. The quilt below have great beads on it and beads with leave buttons hanging on the bottom....very very cool-her etchnique was pieces of both fabric and paper with net over them...aweseome
Lovely piecing on this jacket!
 The colors and quilting on the quilt above were both quite fabulous!
 I loved this quilt with beautiful cheddars in it...naturally and look at it up close!
These two women here are wonderful friends. Terry on the left has known me a long time and she is a wonderful soul and very fun. Marlene took a class a year ago during a time when she was grieving and this year she had good advice for me about back surgery which she has had twice. Isn't her quilt beautiful? I LOVE blue on black!
This quilt is by Kim who had some really great show and tell....Isn't she pretty?

The quilt above was fabulous and I would love to have it...I don't think I would have the patience to make piece at a time- this lady was in the traditional class...not ours....
LOVED this darling quilt with flowers and BUGS!
One of our girls brought this adorable much to say about how wonderful it is!
The same girl did this great poodle quilt! Awesome isn't it???
Here is June with her famous bird all beaded and blinged for this year!
 The quilt above is from the other teacher who was really nice and used to work for Kaye England...she taught traditional quilts and they were awesome, see above....
Carolyn from our class took a Freddy Moran class and she had the hearts and sliced and diced them and then put in drawings her brother (?) did....wonderful and whimsical too!

I had to share this quilt border by Sharon as I thought it was really pretty and great border ideas...
One of the handouts I gave out in class is Two houses and the writing across the top says "Are you IN the box or OUT of the box and you have your choice of making either house- THIS is an out of the box house and wonderful. This girls name started with an "S"-now it is a problem because we had Sandy, a couple of Sharons and another "S" name and it was hard keeping each one my age
Here is her Out of the Box block with her other wonderful blocks...she is fun!

Another OUT of the BOX block by a brand NEW quilter...pretty cool!
I told my hairdresser I want some new color in my hair...note the red and the blong wisps...pretty fun though several people here said they don't recognize me....I don't think it looks that different!
If you have a chance to take a five day workshop someday you will love it, we learn alot, talk alot about art approaches to quilting and some things no other quilt teachers tell you (I don't think they know) and things to think about long after the class is will look at fabric and design in a whole new way....
This is the lady who made the fabulous yellow traditional quilt....she snuggled up during the rest of the show and tell stuff!
I got this darling little animal in the mail today and he is soft and fun and I had to fight my three year old Grandson for it! Guess what he is!
He is a water bootle that stays cool@ Isn't that great? Deborah from the West Virginia class made him. She is pictured above on the left of the ladt that made the yellow traditional quilt!
Thank you Deb for a lovely "Out of the BOX gift! Very fun and Bo kept hugging him while visiting here...very soft too!
It is worth commenting here-read this!
Hi Mary Lou! I received my prize today from your giveaway where I WON I WON I WON I WON I WON!!!! WOOT!

Thank you so much for the generous prize! I love everything! If I had known you gave such good prizes, I would have entered a lot sooner!
My second prize was to see my block on MARY LOU WEIDMAN'S WEBSITE! OMG, I ALMOST FAINTED! I have been a big fan of yours for so long! Thanks so much!
You made my whole entire week! THANKS again!
Cheery wave from
Have a great week friends and count your many blessings...I am getting ready for Asilomar today

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going Through Life Trying to do the BEST You Can and Enjoying Those People Who Make Your Job Enjoyable and Trying to Forget Those That Try to Hurt You

 Here I am happy to be a quilter and to be with quilters and to deal with quilters...I consider myself lucky and I am sincerely always hoping to please those who support me both in workshops and in orders.
So a while ago on the Panama Cruise a woman from Canada gave me a twenty dollar bill. I sent her a Flower Power book and I paid for the shipping as I told her I would, I got a letter from her that she didn't get it and I sent it again. I realize now I put an L where I could have put an I in the zip code... So then I started getting angry letters from her husband. I couldn't believe it essentially because why wouldn't I want to please her and if she knew me she would know I would want her to be happy. So this week I sent her a new book and her twenty dollars. Today I get this letter from her husband. I can't believe this guy is threatening me over a twenty dollar book. ------------------------------------------------
he writes YOU ARE IN THE WRONG HERE FOR NOT PROVIDING ANY KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. I intend to do everything I can to make your current customers (if you have any left) and any potential customers aware of how shoddy your business is. I work in a very specialized area of internet I.T. ….. don't be surprised if you have a disruption in your website service REAL SOON if I don't receive a check for $25.50 + an apology. -------------------------------------------------- Now I ask you, if you were me what would you do? By the way, my Mother was Canadian as was my Grandparents and my cousins. Normally I think Canadians are the most respectful and kind people in the world...this guy must be from somewhere else.... My husband is amused that the guy is so involved with this and has time to send threats and hate letters... And may I wish the rest of you NICE people a happy day full of things to give thanks for...I am thankful for my husband, good friends, happy people, kind people, my Grandkids and you nice people who are my customers....I don't mind losing mean people as customers because essentially there aren't that many mean quilters, unless maybe their husband's are mean maybe. :0)