Tuesday, August 19, 2014

STORIES in West Virginia! Come join the fun and just in time!!! ALSO a cow idea....

NOVember 2nd through 7th is my STORY QUILT Retreat in West Virginia at Cedar Creek in Ripley West Virginia. The beauty there is like no other place and we have a blast!
.I goofed and said I was doing a Christmas class when in fact it is a STORY QUILT CLASS.
I will be bringing some recipes  like my Aunt May's raisin cream pie which is delicious and my fajita recipe which also is wonderful and one night we have a kind of party and we all pitch in to buy cheese, breads, and good stuff-people bring wine and some people bring their favorite non alcoholic beverage. Every year our gurus of craft do a great demo on something really fun to make and they bring the stuff! Last year we had two or three great projects and I mean great! This year we have a button project that is going to be awesome and June always teaches us something that is great...you know like I mean a good thing you will want to show friends and wear or show off. If you come bring buttons because she has lots to show! I will probably bring something fun for an idea. I will probably bring some kind of pattern to give out that is new and no one has seen! Bring a story about you or someone you love and let's turn it into a great quilt!!!
Please consider coming. West Virginia isn't that far for you girls who want me to come East!
(NOTE TO JULIEROSE_ this is why you take a class- I help you let go-ask others! The class is the best way to get OUT OF THE BOX!!! You would love it-honest

OR you might want to learn how to do free form birds ow maybe a cow you have in mind. Come and join the fun.
We have one in West Virginia if you live East and one in Truckee if you live West. Both are an easy plane ride.

Hope to see you in West Virginia.
Don't forget about the story quilt class in Tahoe if you are in the West!
For those of you who want a new cow idea, how about COWton Abbey or MOOnions (as in Minions)


  1. I have all of your books and just love your style. I cannot seem to let loose and try one for some reason {am I a control freak or what} especially the cows and the Christmas ones...Still and all I love to look and read them over and over--perhaps one day inspiration will come and visit me...hugs, Julierose

  2. I love, love, love both of your Christmas quilts! I wish for more time....sigh....

    XO and cheery wave from Bev

  3. Your new web page and blog are really looking great. Someday I will get my COW made up - want to make a weather vane on top of a barn - that is what we had on the farm in Nebraska! Do you have a name for her?
    I like the idea of MOOnions as well. My granddaughter and I love minions and she was one for Halloween last year!
    Look forward to reading more from you. <3

  4. Your Christmas retreat does sound so fun!