Monday, October 26, 2015

And Winners are, happy students, loving life

Congrats to these four people-
Crazy for Art, Julietose, DianeP, and 
Az cupcake! Please email me your snail mail Address for a prize!
I am working on a simple and fun color book. My friend who works for the post office sent this to me. I have an appointment tomorrow to get ready to reprint patterns and new books. Will
Be ready the first of the year. 
Would love any ideas for something you would like in the color book! 
I have been teaching non stop and honestly have had so much fun seeing what Girl's create with this easy piecing technique! The angel out of wool on the bottom was a class I taught and she has a pocket to put treats in fir Grabdchildren visiting I. The guest room or their own rooms. This pocket could hold hair clips, socks, little dolls, cars, and doodads. 
Tri who made the most creative blocks- fun and even was a good sport about wearing the tiara!
Above, Linda loved the fun of flying geese!
This was a block by Troy- he said it was a hula girl with palm tree. Many girls thought it was star wars driven and was a guy with a light saber. What do you see?
Susie and Irene having so much fun! Me too!
Above- Happy Susie with her name tag! Fun!
I taught the Wreath and Christmas tree class in Las Vegas. Lots of creativity And invention in both cotton and wool! So much fun!
Lots of variety. I did not get the tree quilts I wanted to. Many girls worked on borders also.
Darling fabrics give this tree a lot of color and smiles
Class in Iowa/Illinois. Creative and sweet girls.
Happy quilters make me so happy!


  1. Oh what lovely pieces--this looks like so much fun!! Hugs, Julierose p.S. Love that little birdie...

  2. Love! Love! Love! You girls are sure lucky!!!

  3. Thank you Mary Lou for so many happy quilting pictures! I am looking forward to the coloring book - I used to have a Mary Engelbreit coloring book, but gave it to my niece a while back. She is an artist (yes, for real) and is loving it. Any chance to create pretty flowers in your new book would be wonderful!

    Thank you, especially, for choosing my name for a prize!! I will send you my email today for sure! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. I always enjoy seeing the riot of colour that is brought to your workshops and it definitely showed up at this set of classes.

    I'd love to see you signature lady with the hat, your cowgirl and jumping rabbit that you use for your cutting challeng somewhere in your colouring book.

    Cows, birds, castles, witches, so many wonderful ideas on your quilts. Can't wait to see it!

  5. What a fun and colorful time! Love all the blocks!