Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July is coming to a Close but I have GOOD things in store for you and I!

I thought I would start this blog with this silly cow I did. Decalf. Love the fabrics and colors. Very happy and that is what my quilts are about!

Above is a flower pattern that is in my Hoochy-Two-chy book. If you order this book this summer I have a box of Big Dots books in my garage and if you replace 5 inch dots of fused fabrics you can make anything in the book. I also have the pattern for My Autumn Scarecrow. I do not have the cover photo nor the instructions but it is simply fuse or applqie and using scraps it is awesome! I will include those two and a piece of fabric to any order of the book.
Go to Marylouquiltdesigns.com to sign up for my october 2017 retreat or the retreat next June. Patterns, many prizes (lovely), field trips to great quilt shops, lunch at the Coeur d'Alene Hotel (I pay for this, Dinner at Perry Street Pizza (I pay for this), access to my studio and it library, Classroom next door, fun girls who come, adventures and great instruction should you wish for making Story quilts, Flower quilts, pieced dogs and cats and raccoons and chickens and great borders. It is a ton of fun in both seasons. I hire great cooks who provide all meals and they are delicious!! It is a great time for all of us!
This quilt was made in one of my workshops by judy. Isn't this great?
This lady who is Pam Dransfelts Mother has passed on and this lovely quilt hangs in her Fathers retirement room. A great memory for the family. Just what a story quilt should be. What are you leaving for a memoriy of your life?
This quilt was made by Charlotte who had a dear brother die of AIDS. It is a memory of the things he loved. A lovely tribute to someone dearly loved.

A bit of one of my quilts. My Aunt and My husband and I.
 Hearts are important in quilts they say so much. These three represent my kids. Come to class and see all of the other things I add for symbolism. I am leaving alot to think about in my quilts.
Another self portrait.
Nancy was in my workshop and decided to do all flowers.
These flowers above and below are in the new book. Hoochy-Two-chy. They are fun.
I am having a senior moment. I want to say Judy did this quilt and I am pretty sure I am wrong. Sigh But it is a great story with the golf cart and the flower and books and chicken!
 Above this was done with one of my patterns. I love it!
 One of the Bunny Sisters, Laura from Texas did a story quilt about Grandmothers. Isn't this great? It is awesome now that it is done and a great memory for her kids and Grandkids.
 This was a quilt I did about my daughter and her friend who had A LEMONADE STAND one day. They were thrilled to make some money!

 I belive creating keeps you young and happy. If you are sitting around wishing, make it a point to create and enjoy life!
 This is me in Western Washington teaching at LaConner Museum. I have the New Mexico quilt behind me. I adore New Mexico!
 Below a self portrait of me and France.
 The cow below was done by Sue Cresse who does awesome quilts and has taken several classes and become a close friend. The best part of classes is the friendships you can make!
I truly believe this. I surprise myself sometimes and it is always something that seems to come out of thin air but not really. It is a gift if you believe God helps you. On my checks I have this quote "We continue God's creativity through our hands and artwork." And we do.  
Please comment it lets me know you are actually reading my posts. If yu do, I am going to put my berry pie recipe and a great salad recipe too! :-)
    Bless you this summer, have a happy time sharing and helping those that come along. And rink lots of water.


  1. Art is good for you! I love it when you share story quilts!

  2. yup- I read your posts. Love the variety and the picture of what both you and your students are doing.- Carol

  3. Yes, Mary Lou, I do read your posts. I wait for them and really appreciate the time and effort you put into writing them. The pictures and quilts are always wonderful and the quotations most inspiring!

    Welcome back - you are missed.

  4. Love the quote! That's a perfect way of thinking about it.

  5. I enjoy your posts so much. The photos give me so many ideas. Look forward to your recipes. You have such a positive attitude. Thanks so much!

  6. My most favorite photos on your blog or Facebook posts are the flower blocks--I think there have never been 2 alike in what I have seen....just like in nature, there are never 2 exactly alike. I have made some of the coneflowers and they are my very favorite. I don't know if I can ever feel like I can get to a point to stop and make a quilt with them! HA They are just so fun to make, then put up on my design wall and I just want to leave them there! So I can enjoy them every day.

  7. I love to read your posts and was lucky enough to take a class from you in Jackson when Quilting in the Tetons was still happening. Your faith inspires me!

  8. Thank you Mary Lou for your wonderful quilts and the inspiration you give us. Love your positive attitude. I always feel better after reading your blog. I look forward to some of your recipes! !!

  9. Art is good for you! I love it when you share story quilts!

    แตกใน xxx

  10. I love the blog post, and you helped me make such a fun card with it!