Saturday, September 2, 2017

Help-Looking for Blocks from my book- please

I am swamped! I am creating new quilts and redoing old patterns in new ways and I have a kit that will be out next week with 8 darling patterns, trims, background, cool border and binding. Just wait until you see the fun!
    So anyway many of my good friends ordered the book from me right away.
If you are willing to make a block for me out of the new book, I will send you the Scarecrow pattern, the Big Dots book and a fat quarter of fabric! I hope to get enough blocks to put together a dog  and cat quilt, a basket quilt and a quilt of other blocks you might want to send.
Please use a light pale blue or a light pale green background.  Think jello colors for the things in the block. My fabric it kaffe fabric or something pretty like grunge would work well. Animals of grunge would be cool.
You have no idea how I would appreciate this!!
Please make your block 12"
Or larger and most things are not square they are rectangles. So it would be like 12" x 16" for an example. Or larger. Please do not send me a teeny block as it would not fit in the quilt as well. 👍😊

Here is an example of a large basket I did from the book but you can make up your own basket and it can be smaller and different. Notice I used a soft blue for the background. This basket is filled and yours does not have to be.

There are bird patterns, flower patterns etc. I have kept. a list of those who bought my book. If you want to buy it and get these extras then go to my website at and I will send you a whole packet of goodies and the book.

Here is a raccoon from the book made by Mari  Linfesty at my retreat. She made six and they are adorable. 

Just some of the flowers in there.

A chicken, a boat, a turkey, a cat, dog heads, cat heads, and loads of other things.
Thank you for considering helping me with this! Sincerely you are so appreciated! ❤️❤️❤️
Send the block to 
Mary Lou Weidman
2406 S. Dishman-Mica Rd, Suite 5, Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

Today I went to the local farmers market. I eat mostly fruits and vegetables now and this seemed like a gold mo e if low cost veggies. Heaven!

And the flowers! Oh heavenly colors and scents!!

Chard and carrots that were so lovely


Beets of many different colors!

Mire and more and more flowers!

The flowers I bought! I have not had flowers for years.

Loads of every Kind of flower you can imagine and lovely people selling them!!

What Joy flowers create!!

I made two if these quilts and traded one for batting and sold the second one to pay for Marks medical bills. I'd like to do another because it is so happy!!

I am working on sewing the binding down on this third self portrait I did. I loved e folk art and I love color and fun!
People ask me how the faces are quilted. Kathleen Wood quilts for me and here is an up close Quilting of both the face and the neck. 
I have a handout in my self portrait workshops for this. And by the way it is a self portrait of who you feel you are on that day! It is the essence of how you feel and not what you look like on the outside. 

This lady has a lot of lines. The Quilting depends on the shape I made the face.

There are different rules with horizontal and vertical lines depending on the face. It's fun!!

My latest story quiltvis embellished and now I am adding dates and places that describe how my husband and I met, our favorite foods and places and info about our houses and our kids. All done in black perked cotton. A diary piece. I am Loving it!!
    Thank you fir visiting and I would love a block of yours to add to the quilts I plan to show as I travel and also to hang in my studio window if I get enough. The free scarecrow is darling, the free fabric is new and cool and the Big Dots book might inspire you too!
       Share your smile with someone who does not have one. A happy and kind world is a better world.

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  1. You're very right Marylou a happy and kind world is a better world. YOU make the world so much better with your happy quilting and sharing your expertise with everyone! Love, love, love the flowers - so glad you got some for yourself!