Friday, January 25, 2013

Sewing Like Crazy! And some thing to make YOU SMILE!

I am teaching a class in Chicago on embellishing. I am bringing my big quilts that are embellished or some of them and I am working on this little Southwestern sample. I have twice as many embellishments on now that you see here....lots and lots of sequins, beads, mirrors and other fun things...It is pretty wild but when the sun comes out I will hang it in my entry and I think I will really like it. See the Milagros? Milagro means "miricle." I have gotten to really love these little charms.

So, I went to my studio this week and got all of the leftover blocks and the blocks I have put together in my workshops and I layed them out. When I am done, next week, I will have seven quilts put together....yes, seven. Along with tons of flowers, wonky blocks, baskets, pots, fish,birds,and other things, the colors are really alot of fun. All of these quilts are pieced and not story quilts. I quite like them! I will be teaching these easy piecing techniques in both Chicago and Lincoln Nebraska. I have lots of new things I am trying out and gee is it ever fun!
My poor toile sofa was covered with loads and loads of most of them are sewn into quilts and the left overs are getting sliced and put into borders. So much fun!
The one thing I discovered that is new is that I LOVE black background with white dots on top...all sizes,,,well not huge dots...but it gives such a nice look with colors....So I plan to be using lots of it as I go along.
It has been fun taking blocks apart and putting them together with different leaves or pots or baskets....change is good and bringing your artist out to play is so so much fun!
I lost 8 pounds since the beginning of the year. I am watching closely what I eat but it has been easier with being so busy and so inventive with my quilting...I'd rather do that than eat...I am not kidding. :0)
I do not know these two but I know exactly how they feel and I can hear the child's laughter in my head...isn't this wonderful? These kinds of photos pull us out of winter's sad grasp....they tickle us and make our heart happy.
I LOVE this....I cannot tell you how many times my son or husband got in trouble for using my good is silly but it makes me happy...heeheehee
What's not to love about this adorable dog? LOVE it!
This is a good way to get over depression. Take a hot shower and get some GOOD smelling lotion. Put the lotion on, fix something nice like hot tea and toast with GOOD jam or GOOD cheese or Good something that makes you feel worthwhile and happy and put some MUSIC on and shut off the TV set! IT is depressing.....
Music makes you happy and to be clean and smell nice and have a goal or a hobby like quilting is such a joy. Call a friend, share a smile, send a nice card to someone out of the blue. You can change how you feel by doing simple things and counting your blessings (write down 25 blessings today) makes you more grateful for the simple things that you take forgranted.
This cow by Mari Linfesty is getting quilted this very week! It is so beautiful in person-she started it at my retreat in Idaho. Not the bull (her husband) and the two frogs (her boys) is wonderful.
The Back Porch in Pacific Grove will be showing 20 of the COW quilts next month just in time for Asilomar. Can't wait to see them all hanging together.
If you want to do a cow, you can get the pattern from "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks." Think of things like "ACOWtant", "ChiCOWgo", "Dairy Queen", and hundreds of other ones....they are so much fun!!!
I am sorry to say I have lost the name of the lady that made this but I hope someone who knows her sees it so we can borrow it for one of our shows. We are showing different cows all over the US this year...all different.
I am so happy that you stopped by here today. I am going to contact four people who have commented since the beginning of the year -I will be sending you a fabric surprise. I will keep doing this over the year randomly. I so appreciate you coming and supporting me. I feel blessed by those of you I know who come in here and visit. Stay happy, stay grateful and stay well.


  1. Great tips for feeling better! You are such an inspiration!

  2. Hi Mary Lou,
    I especially liked your posting today. Maybe because I needed to hear it..needed to hear the part about taking time for myself with the lotion, hot tea, and something good to eat after a hot shower. The shower part is easy! LOL But it's the pampering afterwards that is so easy to skip because of time. I also like the southwestern quilt in the first pic and I can imagine how great it looks in person. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the beautiful inspiration today! I have decided that this is the year I WILL make a Cow Quilt! Yes! I'm not exactly sure what the theme will be, but I know exactly what fabric I want to use for my cow. Shh... it's a surprise!

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Yea - another inspiration!!

    You're right - it's better to be thankful for our blessings than to be sad over bad things that happen.

  4. I'm always so glad when you post random hoochy blocks for ideas and inspiration. That fish with the lime background is definitely going on my list and love all the hearts. Great idea to make a few for friends as you talked about at the Tulsa workshop last April. I needed to be reminded of that.

  5. I'm going to have to try that quilting diet! Sounds a lot more fun than running :-)

  6. I need a happy piece to work on today, down with the flue, finally got me.
    Definitely not in the mood to be sick, had plans, lol.

    I love listening to music when I work in my sewing room, it relaxes me and helps spark the creativity.


  7. Thanks for sharing this post! I love all your blocks and quilts and uplifting sayings! I have your Dot book ordered. I hope it works with your big dot fabrics. I've been watching for those on eBay...they are so versatile! When are you designing another fabric line? Well, have a great weekend!

    Cheery wave from

  8. Mary Lou,

    You always have some of the best inspirations that yu share with us.

    My word for this year is create, and I'm going to create some quilts with all my exchange blocks that I've participated in with your group.

    Post Falls will be great this year, I'm very excited about coming again.

  9. I think your cure for depression is a winner. Thanks for making me smile!

  10. Mary Lou I loved this entire post, the ideas for relaxing are exactly what I love to do with a cup of Earl Grey! and easy listening music. Your blog is ALWAYS AN INSPIRATION!

  11. I love your uplifting sayings too and I got such a kick out of seeing all those blocks on your sofa and hearing the story behind them. What great looking quilts are just on the horizon!

  12. MaryLou,

    You always put a HUGE SMILE on my face. God bless you for your positive attitude and fun way of quilting!


  13. I finally finished some things that had to be done this week, now it is time to play and make some new quilts for the spring. I always love seeing your pieces and being inspired.


  14. I think today is your birthday Mary Lou! I want to wish you a Happy-Healthy-Creative-Wonderful whole year!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  15. I love the "fun" your blocks and quilts scream. I am taking your workshop at Camp Watch a Patcher in July-can't wait-gathering fabric now. It is the only class I am taking there. Blessings until then!

  16. WOW!! seven quilt tops! I believe it with all the classes you teach! maybe you can bring one or two with you to Cedar Lakes for show and tell.

    And I love all your inspirational sayings.

    Kim in VA