Friday, January 4, 2013

Workshops from Mary Lou and Girls yours here???

I remember someone sending this to me when I was little. It is hard to believce there are other Mary Lou's and now you don't hear the name Mary, Nancy, Sally, Linda, Peggy, Marilyn, Joan, Cindy,Debby,  Janice, Molly, Melinda,Tina,Laurie,Susan,Lois, in the baby lists any longer....check your name and if you are my age (old) then no little kids in your neighborhood are named with your name right?
Here are some of the top baby girl names for 2012
. Briella
3. Aria
4. Mila
5. Elsie
6. Nylah
7. Raelynn
8. Brynlee
9. Olive
10. June
11. Bristol
12. Aubree
13. Charlee
14. Adalynn
15. Aubrie
16. Mckinley
17. Parker
18. Brynn
19. Gemma
20. Gia
21. Nyla
22. kinsley
23. Aylin
24. willow
25. Elliana
26. Charlie
27. Dylan
28. Londyn
29. Eloise
30. Adelyn
31. Caylee
32. Lyric
33. Cora
OK, on another note, I am going to start teaching my FOLK ART FISH class. So many people wanted to take it and also it is a good chance to show how I embellish too. I am working on a whole wool series and it is really fun.
I am also teaching my wreath class as a wool class for those that want a wool wreath with fun things and personalized for a keepsake.
It is fun teaching Easy Piecing. I teach hoochy traditional blocks as in taking traditional blocks and make them wonky, flying gesse very untraditional and this year I am doing some fun colored thing that are cool with these, houses, cats and people that are wonky and lots of strips and strings turned into great quilts! This class is a two day class because we need time to really play.
Flower Pots and holders are loads of fun the easy pieced way and then you add those fun flowers and birds and bugs! Another workshop to enjoy....make 2013 the year you GET OUT OF THE BOX! and try some new ideas and make some new fun quilts that reflect YOU
Just thought I would add some images from my easy piecing workshop and also from my Flower Power workshop.
    The thing for me is, I love teaching about color and fabric and your stash and warms and cools and rules you can break with color and texture and design. It is so much fun and seeing what everyone does and the laughter and the invention is what makes this a ball! Hope to meet you this year or be with you again for more fun! I know that 2013 is going to be a wonderful year!
If you read to the bottom, it is a good thing because I have some rulers for hexagons and some fabric I will send to three people I pick from a bag. Comment sometime in the next two weeks and see if you are a winner!


  1. All of those classes sound wonderful!

  2. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to make a Flower Power quilt. I'm currently doing about 20 projects...sigh...and got started on some blocks I call Around the Year blocks because they are made with scraps from 2012. I have them on my blog and someone commented that it looked like a Mary Lou Weidman block. I was so honored!

    Cheery wave!

  3. I don't meet many Frances's and if I do thuey're usuly my age!

  4. All of these blocks look like such fun! Makes me want to pull out some bright fabrics and start playing.

  5. Mary Lou I do so wish to have the opportunity to take a class from you "someday"
    Thank you so very much for recognizing the invention within my work and the love that is included in each quilt.

  6. It is true, names change with the generations. My daughter has been wanting me to make her a flower quilt, so I need to get the sketch book out and start thinking and playing.


  7. I love the houses that are mixed in with the flower pots too..I love house images. I think this is the year I will finally make a house quilt.

  8. Sorry, Mary Lou, my name (Diane) didn't make the list either.

    Thank you for the pretty inspiration today - wish I could come to one of your classes some day when you're on the East Coast.

    Hmmm... houses and flowerpots too... Thank you Mamacessories for the idea!

  9. I'm a 'Gillian' and everyone with my name is my age!!
    I love the wacky flower!

  10. Haven't made a house quilt yet. It's on the bucket list. Thanks for the opportunity for the hexagon ruler. Linda C

  11. Now you have got me going to look for those cards with Mary on them. I have a couple tucked someplace. Thankyou for a great reminder. What is wrong with those "grand old names"?

  12. I love the flowers... gotta try some wonky sometime.

  13. Nevaeh is also a popular name, Heaven spelt backwards.

    Love the fish, would like to take that class one day.

    Busy making hoochy trees for the swap.

  14. I never see a Janice these days. We do have a grandaughter named Gladys for my husband's Mom. Never meet a Gladys these days either.
    Thanks for a chance to get any goodies from you. You are too sweet.

  15. No my name isn't here and growing up the only other person I ever heard with my name was a MAN who was much older than me - I not sure Sharon (50 yo) was ever a popular name. I did know at least one Mary Lou in high school! If you go to this website you can see the popularity of your name - - have fun!

  16. Love your blocks- would love to take a class someday :)

  17. I love that fish!!! Very fun. It's interesting to see the name list. One of my daughters is named Mary Grace, and funnily enough, there is another girl with the same name a year ahead of her in school. They are probably the only Mary's in the whole school, though.

  18. Your Folk Art Fish is just peachy keen. Flower Power is just a fun creative process. I don't know when to stop and turn my blocks into a quilt so I keep making them. Adding some owls now!

  19. I love the fish! Love working in wool.Have fun teaching in Nebraska and Illinois. I am curious what you will be teaching at Cedar Lakes this spring. I am not sure if I will be able to get away this year. Sure had a wonderful time last year!Hope all is well. Happy New Year!!!