Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I LOVE MOO cow quilt and ideas for YOU!

The cow MOOvement continues and this is the latest in the list that we are pulling together for four big shows this year. If you have not contacted Mel McFarland about putting your COW quilt in a show, please write her and tell her the size and send a photo. melbmcfarland@yahoo.com
Mel co-wrote "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks with me and if you want the cow pattern this book has it in there. You can get it from Marylouweidman.com which is my website.
Mari has two children and she has them represented above along with her husband (the bull on the left) . I think this is one of the happiest quilts from the cow series...and a nice story quilt too!
Pam suggested that someone do "I'M IN THE MOOd for love" How fun would that be? Also she suggested "MOOving right along". I also had someone say "MOOvelous" would be a great name for a quilt! There are so many FUN ideas!
Pam Dransfeldt quilted this quilt and you will noticed how pretty the quilting is on the great colors and whimsy here....the name of the quilt  is "I LOVE Moo".
Hearts are always a sure bet for borders and there are good directions for them in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book also.
The quilt below was a photo sent to me by someone and I can't find the letter and I do not have the maker's name. We would love to borrow the quilt if we can find out somehow. If you know whose quilt this is, please email me at marylouquilts@aol.com
I like to put in a smile or two and saw this photo called "Duck Tape"-pretty funny.
Below is a Valentine quilt I did for the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book too. I think this is quite nice since it gives the person receiving it quite a nice message they will always have. Who doesn't like to know they are loved?
I think this squirrel says it all! Be happy, be positive, give thanks and always count your blessings and forget things that don't go right...hang in there and they are sure to turn around. treat YOURSELF with kindness and of coarse others too.


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the pretty Valentine's Day quilts - love the inspiation for ways to use hearts!

    Have to share the duck tape picture with a friend who repairs EVERYTHING with duck tape - so funny. Little squirrel's message surely s inspiring - great attitude little guy!

  2. I love love Mari's quilt. It is darling. Also love your last message...I hope I can make it inspiring.

  3. Love all the cow quilts! I have one on my list. I'm sure it will be a moooving experience.

    Cheery wave from

  4. That is such a fun quilt, love all the little touches, keeps your eyes moving and finding new things. I am going to make a quilt for my grandson to be, so I am trying to think of ideas to use with my down under fabric.