Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Reasons to Take the STORY QUILT Workshop and Come to Idaho

This story quilt is going to be featured at the APNQ (not the initials but what it used to be) show as one of the winners that year
Story quilt Ladies from Idaho...the night before (not everyone here yet)
Betty, my story quilt DOG....
Mattie, my story quilt cat....
My Witch Story Quilt....
and here is some new stuff with my left over blocks....
Just thought I would show you a photo of what you can expect in Idaho at my retreat and in my future workshops. I am also working on some "Short Story" quilts with people and they are quite cute! Wish you could see the color in this -it is so pretty! Love that fast and EASY piecing. It will be quilted and then the centers of flowers go on and birds eyes etc.
Easy piecing Flower Power for Spring and summer....come to Idaho and learn the hows and the whys of color and fabric choices too! Hope to see you somewhere in a workshop!
I took this photo, looked at it and my toe that got a suitcase dropped on it and I promptly went for a manicure.  Anyway, photos do not do these justice....I got the centers done and my back went out again and Connie my neighbor came and got my plans and fabric and completed the borders. I have some more really cool border tricks up my sleeve.
How about promising yourself you will do something fun and NEW for your house or someone else's! These are so much fun!
     I will be teaching at Asilomar this week and hope you will plan to join me somewhere else so I can show you many of my new and happy quilts!
Be positive, be happy and share your smiles with someone who doesn't have one!
And I am leaving you with this darling little girl who a friend sent to me.


  1. What a little sweetie in her red patent shoes! The joy in her face is wonderful.

  2. That little girl picture is so cute and she is so full of light and happiness, we all need to be that way.


  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the pretty inspiration quilts and especially for the pretty little girl doing her Happy Dance! What a great way to start the day!