Tuesday, May 7, 2013

June Varner Makes GREAT Quilts...look and see!

June has come and taken three of my five day story quilt workshops. It has been so fun for me to see what she has done with her inventiveness and imagination.
For my five day workshops we have "fairy gifts". A fairy gift is something brought by each student to give to fellow students. This has proved to be such a fun thing and people leave class with remembrences from each person (almost each person).
Things given are like playing cards, scarves, bracelets, earrings, garden things, seed packets, crayons, notepads, pens and pencils, hand creams, candies, books, book markers that are alot of times like jewelry, quilt things like pin cushions, fat quarters, markers, drinking cups you can put quilt blocks in, little boxes, scrubbers, darling napkins, and so on....so many cool things that people find on sale or make sometimes.
Anyway, June made me this adorable quilt of the quilt fairy and she even crocheted her tiara. I give everyone Tiaras in my five day workshops also. June put a tape measure in her pocket (the fairy) and also a hand made bracelet that she showed us all how to make (adorable!). I am passing it on with my retreat girls.
June is always generous with offering her fabrics or whatever when someone needs them and she always has good ideas when someone gets stuck. West Virginia has provided both June and I some really wonderful friends and we are all meeting again there next year. In the meantime the Quilt Fairy is going onto my hallway wall...and she may take a trip or two on the road with me.
Note all of the hand stitched beads on her wings, her belt and her shoes...she is really glorious in person and I hope you can see all of the work she went to. What a lovely lovely gift.   :0)
June went to Tahiland last year and on her trip she got to ride an elephant. I think she is very brave...I couldn't bring myself to do this I don't think. The elephant on her quilt has a dimensional ear you can lift up and she has something written under it.  When she started this quilt, she said I only have a small wall and this HAS to be really small. It is a full size quilt now or close to it, hee hee. But isn't it fun? You cannot really tell but in the middle of each block is a photo from her trip....very cool.
And she found a wall for it which is the best news of all!
Thought you would like to see a closeup...note the beads and on the elephant there are hanging metal tassles...so cool!
June also did two great cows....Moospaper Cow here....and another really clever one I will show a photo of when I can find a good one.
What is black and white and red (read) all over? This cow!!
Here is the cat that June was working on this year ...very fun and she will be adding alot of embellishements and the rest of the border too....June is a pretty clever lady....
This quilt is a story quilt about June's Mother who was running from her Mother and she said "you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man"....the quilt has all old pieces and fabrics and laces and nice things from her Mother...it is so sweet!
A nice memory and a story quilt to live on for others to enjoy. I love it!


  1. I enjoy studying the different designs and the little touches for inspiration. I like the idea of using newsprint for an applique, fun idea.


  2. What a lucky gal you are to have your own quilt fairy. I hope you bring it to Post Falls and show it to us at the retreat.

    I've got an idea for another cow quilt, have to sketch out the idea and share it with you.

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing June's Fairy Queen quilt - it's beautiful! What a great imagination you have June! You obviously are a very kind lady - sharing your ideas and fabric with your fellow quilters. Hope you both have a great time when you get together again in West Virginia!

  4. What a lovely portfolio of work!

  5. Mary Lou, Todays post with June's elephant wall hanging refer to the beads hanging on the elephant. I don't see any beads, did that picture not come through or am I missing something. I love the elephant as I do the cows.
    Carol Ann Hood

  6. Gingerbread Man Quilt Precious story and quilt!