Monday, May 6, 2013

ARE You Worrying About What Doesn't Matter So Much in Life????

My Friend Terry posted this and it is so full of wisdom. I used to spend way to much time on my house. I guess when you have three small children, you have to and then there are the people who stop by and the people from church dropping things off and people coming in when they drop your kids off and well,,,,your house is an open door really.
 In past days I baked alot of cookies and cakes and things like that and big meals and things I do not make anymore but miss. I miss the days of the kids coming home and sharing what happened in their day and what was going to happen on the weekend etc.

 It is fairly easy to remember times when they got into a fight with a good friend at school and cried and it broke your heart and you felt so bad and were so angry with the kid who did this. The next day as you seathed they came home smiling and said "what fight?" "MOM she is my good friend! That was nothing." Sigh....that happened with each kid more than once and I didn't learn the first time. :0)

I came home this week to dust, clothing that needs laundering, weeds in my garden, floors that need doing, many things need sorting, papers to go through and letters to answer. I got up this morning thinking I needed to hurry because I had so much to do...and then I looked outside, and I saw the sun and I walked out and it felt so good.
I called my neighbor who was coming over to help me figure out a quilt and I said "let's do it Wed instead because I have so much to do here."

     And then I went inside and moved some quilts to the basement and washed a couple of dishes and then went and took a shower.
Abd suddenly I didn't care about all of the things I needed to do inside. I cared about doing something I rarely do in town. I drove down the street, picked up an ice tea, drove to Michael's to waste time and look at beads and "stuff" and then I went to JoAnn's and I found some nice things for something great for each person coming to my retreat and then I walked about in the sun to my car which I parked a long way away from the building and I was so happy, so relaxed. What a treat.

     I am home now with a melted ice tea and I am sort of picking up as my laundry washes and I am here sharing with you so that you too will "enjoy the day."
Each day is such a gift to us and we don't even know it.

     I have several friends who are going through alot in the hospital and out. They are faced with mortality we should all think about. Quilters are saying "we MUST make a quilt for them." Really in my mind for right now I think we must pray for them and when they are better, then we can make the quilts to let them know how much we love them. But for now, a prayer is the most generous thing we can give because after all, God runs the Universe and the events in our daily lives and we are so naive about this and some well meaning people think a quilt block is more important than a simple prayer. I understand this but it is my hope that they will understand what a gift a prayer is...and to keep praying daily for people who need it.

    We are blessed to BE a blessing (Gen.12) and by blessing others, we receive enjoying the day and seeing plants and the blue sky which we take forgranted. And kids laughter and people's faces and smiles and a kind gesture of someone opening the door ot saying "thank you."

     I just wanted you my friend to know what a wonderful world it is out there and to not get caught up in the negativity of the world and the news and people who whine because they do not know any better.
    I am getting ready to go and watch a baseball game for my 4 year old Grandson who can already clobber the ball thanks to his Dad. How fun to watch a group of 4 and 5 year olds play. I am going to enjoy each little face, each action, each thing that makes the day special with little kids and parents and people at the park.

     Take a deep breath along with me and enjoy the day and all of your many blessings.
                                 Love- Mary Lou


  1. Wonderful post and so true. I spent the weekend hiking in the woods, loving every minute and the gifts that god gave us to enjoy. Today I am resting, but it was well worth it and I will get that quilt done before the baby is born;)


  2. Well, I don't dust a lot, but I still don't get a lot of those other things accomplished. But you're absolutely right about focusing on the things that are important - and sometimes, the things that are fun. Thanks!

  3. Nice message. Hard to practice when you have 3 jobs. I was so tired from working earlier this evening that I had to take a nap. Now I'm back at the computer working and it's 1 AM. I have to pay for dog surgery, for my living expenses, for my taxes and my car is breaking down. I am grateful that I am healthy enough to work. I'll be 66 this year. No husband or retirement or travel for me right now. Just gratitude that I am not in pain and that I can buy the medicine that medicare doesn't cover. Woot! I am grateful that I'm happy most of the time. Looking at work like yours makes me happy. Sewing makes me happy. My dogs' little faces make me happy. And I make those 10 minute trips outside to feed the birds and see the green leaves too. You are right that God is in charge and I'm glad! I'm REALLY glad that he never asks for my opinion although I frequently have one...haha. Thanks for sharing that beautiful message. Reading your blog is always a nice break for me. Cheery wave! Bev

  4. So glad you found "Me Time" for yourself Mary Lou! You give so much to your family, friends and all of us quilters, it was time for you to take time for yourself. I'm really happy you had your iced tea - the melted version - and had your little time in the sun and shopping. It doesn't get much better than this - when we stop to remember that He is running everything for us.

    Hope you enjoyed the smiles on those little faces at the ballgame!

    Saturday is First Communion in our church, and thanks to you, I plan to stop and enjoy the smiles on each of those beautiful faces (yes, at all three Masses)!

  5. When my husband had a heart transplant, my life changed. I retired 2 years early and started to really take in the little things. It is in the little things that I see God's love and His amazing grace. Thank-you for a lovely devotional to start the day. i can't wait to meet you in July:)