Friday, August 23, 2013

My Christmas Memory Workshop (NEW) from Mary Lou AND HOOD RIVER and cool stuff!......

Just got all of my applique done for my new workshop for guilds and shops. It is so cool! It is going to the quilters and then when I get it back my people will have eyes and animales and there will be all kinds of bling and old keepsake buttons from Grandma....
The only way to get the pattern is to book a class and take it....
In Hood River I taught a self portrait class and this was the beginning of a fabulous cute isn't it? See the little kitty on the right?
What a difference a little time and details make! Note Mt. Hood in the window on the right and cake and a napkin and leaves and buttons here and there...adorable!
COLOR? Did you say you love color like me? Look at this! hoochy stuff with color!
Susan't Flower Power block...she is great with color and her stash is awesome!
I want a yard of everything please....
Hedda drew herself on her John Deer Tractor, had it enlarged and look at the beginning of her border and her quilt! The self portrait class provided alot of creativity for many girls...such fun!
The flower blocks are from the Flower Power book of mine...available
Carol is an awesome and creative quilter and I LOVED having her in my Asilomar workshop. This should have won a first place because it is awesome.
    SO Carol just took another class at Hood River and wow, she is making another prize winner! The border is amazing and done from the Flower Power pretty and the colors were different and super!
Here is her beginning drawing ....of her in the garden
here are her gardening boots!
You can tell just from the beginning of this that it is going to be awesome...the blue of the coverall's is beautiful and bright and pulls into the flowers wonderfully.
Carol is a happy person like Hedda who spreads her joy to the class and everyone she meets....I love people who love to be happy don't you?
Marbe is doing a self portrait of Santa without his hair, his outfit, etc., and he is in his place all dressed down because it isn't Christmas yet...the trees above are going to be the cool border....Poor Marbe had to work the show since she was in charge and taking a class was challenging....hope she finishes this because it is going to be cool!
Marbe we appreciate you and you did a wonderful job!
Hoochy Flying Geese is always part of the workshop....
LOVED the color combination here....with the hoochy blocks
I stayed the last night at Sally's house and this is her view of Mt. Hood!
This is Sally's view of the river and all of those little white dots are people who are wind is an awesome place to visit with awesome people. I had a wonderful time.
Sally sent me home with homemade cookies (3kinds) and homemade jam (four jars)...hope to visit her again....wouldn't you????
Here is a fabulous recipe for GOOD coleslaw from Laurie Latta
2 bags coleslaw

green onions (to your taste)

1 c yellow raisins

1/4 c poppy seeds

6 – 8 slices of bacon fried up and crumbled

1 c almonds or peanuts


1 and 1/2 cup mayo

1/2 c sugar

1 T rice vinegar
Have a good weekend dear friend and count your many matter what sad or hard thing you are going through, God always gives you good things is best to dwell on those and have faith that things will work themselves out.
I want to say that I have the BEST quilt friends of anyone and they have all come through for me....Having fajitas tonight with my husband and daughter and my Grandson is coming after soccer....I am so lucky.
Check out my website which need s little up dating in adding two new workshops...a wool fish and the Christmas tree.



  1. LOVE your new Christmas quilt idea Mary Lou, a Christmas Fairy bestowing gifts. Great idea.

    You look like you had a creative group at the Mount Hood retreat. That VW bug is amazing!

    Thanks for the great show and tell.

  2. I love the self portrait. Love all the color you use. The Volkswagon is awesome. Congrats to the maker and her teacher!

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I love the new ideas for workshops! We must get you back to calif!! And thank you for a Laurie latte recipe. We know what a great cook she is! And finally, CarolAnne, what can I say. Love love love your creations! Thanks for sharing all this inspiration Mary Lou!

  4. Those are such fun pieces, it amazes me to see all of the creative ideas and ways they put them together. Love your attitude, I always try to count my blessings each day, it is the little things that remind us of the goodness in the world.


  5. You are amazing! These quilts are so cute. I really do love the cow quilts. Saw some of them in Chicago. I assume by now Mark has received all of my post cards from our trip. We will be going to Honolulu on Oct 31 and Maui on Nov 2 for a week. Have a great weekend.

  6. I think this is the first time I Have seen your blog. I love it, it is so happy and cheerful! praying for you and Mark.

  7. Wow!! So much fun and inspiration this morning!!

    Love the Christmas quilt and all the works in progress. You are right - the addition of some special elements make that self-portrait quilt really sing!

    Lovely pictures of Sally's house - she sounds like a very nice hostess!!

    Glad you had some fun time with your quilt ladies. We continue to pray for you and Mark ;-}

  8. Ah! Mary Lou, you have all the FUN! Hood river looked like a wonderful and fun filled time. The pictures you posted are fab. And I love the colors too. Thank goodness for blogs so that those of us who live far away can feel (almost) like we can follow along. How far is it from your house? Can you fly or drive? Either way, you are so lucky to be able to teach in cool places and meet awesome people along the way! One of your blessings....

  9. I love all the WHIMSY. The inspiration is include anything in your quilt that delights the heart (and soul). Love your students quilts as much as yours - they are all coming from a 'beautiful place'!

    Sending prayers from across the country.
    ~ Jes

    1. I think my computer had its way with Line #2! Think it was meant to read: There is inspiration in all your quilts that delight the heart & soul.

  10. Thanks for the looksee at all these amazing innovative quilt pieces....some fantastic quilters out there...hugs, Julierose

  11. MaryLou you are an inparation to all of us. Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs. Can't wait to take a class with you again.
    Hugs to you and Mark.
    Sandy from San Diego

  12. Thinking of you and yours! You are so precious!

  13. I am so excited to see the pictures from our wonderful class in Hood
    River. It was a blast! There is no one I'd rather take a class from than you! Have a wonderful vacation! Jill from Portland

  14. Wonderful to see the pictures from our class in Hood River. It was a blast! Have a wonderful vacation! Jill

  15. I LOVE your works...they're so whimsical & fun. Wish you'd come to San Diego.