Sunday, September 8, 2013

Things to Make us Happy....

Here I am in Maui by a pool that had the most beautiful flowers outside.
We had dear friends who let us stay at their condo and other friends who paid for our airline and car. Then when we got there, we had a nice array of food certificates to restaurants we would normally never go to. Lovely for us.
Mark had just fnished six weeks of chemo and radiation and so he slept 15 hours a day with a two or three hour nap for about six days. He looked better and felt better too. He came home rested with lovely memories. I got rest too and the winds (soft and melotic) almost sang to me and the trees danced and swayed and the smells and the water...I just saw God's love everywhere there. Lovely. Thought of how lucky I was to be a quilter and to know so many good good people. Laughter is so much a part of the whole thing and boy is that healing too. I am working daily at counting my many blessings and really there are so many.
This is my son is loves to bike ride and run and swim and so does his wife. They love any kind of working out. Whilte we were gone, she moved the furniture in the bedroom and repainted the whole room, bought new sheets, comforter, pillows hassock to match...bought frames for a good price and put the old photos we had in boxes in the frames and hung them on the wall. Then they went to some bargain place with damaged stuff and bought a new vanity for the bathroom and Mark had bought a shower before we left. They installed the shower, my son in law put down new linoleum and the room was repainted and made new again after living here since 1976. Shhesh! Lots of dust. I left some money before I left for her to use for the projects and I have to say, she knows where to get the bargains! It looks like an hgtv redo...she is awesome. I hope to get some photos.
This is how I burn my calories....
I have to download my photos off my phone and I forgot to do it earlier. It will have to wait until I get back this week and can download them to show you the beauty of Maui and my husband and what he ate here and there. :0)
I leave for LA to teach in Camerillo and do a lecture this week on creativity and cows and how to think OUT of the box!
With my husband being ill and having stage 4 brain cancer (in case you did not know) I am thinking more and more of story quilts and why they are so important. Documenting your life and those you love should be every quilter's mission. Someday all of these quilts will be studied and people will know something about those that were here and what they loved, wore, lived in, thought etc....story quilts can tell so much.
I am leaving you with this little girl who is dancing....we need to not be afraid and just dance our lives away while we can. Wait for the second song as you watch...this makes me smile every time I see it.
     Count your many blessings and family and friends who bless you.
We take so much for granted. Enjoy this next is FUN!


  1. I am so glad that you both had a nice time and nothing like beautiful beaches and fresh air to restore the soul. Just noticed the red cars and lots of wonderful appliqu├ęs. My brain won't click in lately and wasn't able to do what i planned, but I see someone else did a beautiful reproduction of the vet I saw.


  2. Lovely photo of you Mary Lou, what a great surprise to come home to find.

    Have fun in California, maybe well bump into each other I'm heading down tomorrow!

  3. Thank you, Pat, for sharing your beautiful happy photo and the story of your trip to Hawaii!! You have amazingly kind and generous friends - because YOU are an amazingly kind and generous person!!

    So glad you and Mark had time to rest and recuperate in the most glorious place on earth. Nothing like warm, gentle breezes and sunshine to restore body and soul.

    Thank you, too, for the wonderful video. That little girl certainly will put a smile on every face that views it.

  4. So glad you were blessed and got to rest. You are surrounded by love-what a lovely family (and friends) you have. Still praying for Mark and Mary Lou here in Cali. Almost done with my cow quilt-love it and what I learned from you at CWAP.

  5. So glad you were blessed and got to rest. You are surrounded by love-what a lovely family (and friends) you have. Still praying for Mark and Mary Lou here in Cali. Almost done with my cow quilt-love it and what I learned from you at CWAP.

  6. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes...your right, we have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of what seems like a heartache. Thanks for sharing the things in life that must be "hard for you"...I love your quilt style and hope to someday attend one of your workshops.

  7. What a lovely trip! So happy for you! Wonderful that your kids did all that work for you! I'm sure it's as lovely as you are! Blessings on you and yours!

  8. OMG, i love the video of the little girl dancing. she put a smile on my face. so free. thanks for the site.

  9. Hi Mary Lou! I received the bk. "Out of the Box..." yesterday!! Thanks so much! Thanks also for the cute black & blue checkered fabric ~ what a sweet surprise ~ as well as the postcard and pin. I must remember to wear that pin to the Des Moines AQS class - "Story Quilts". I'm nervously anticipating it as I'm more of a doodler than an artist.
    Rejoicing in God's mercies to you & Mark while in Hawaii! So glad it was restful and PAID FOR! Amazing!!! My prayers will continue & I look forward to meeting you in Des Moines!
    Dot Branson