Saturday, September 28, 2013


Decided this what we all need is a smile from the COW quilts....
FrankenSTEIN, COWlick, COWlorado, COWvered wagon,Bad MOOd,CALFeine,
I just ordered these pins which should be here any day now. If you order the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks from me in the next two months, you will get thise pin. This is for new orders only OR if you take a COW class from me any time in the next year, the pin is yours! I will be giving some of these out at the cow shows this coming month of Oct. also.
MOOshu beef,COWnt Dracula, Blue MOOn, MOOZealand, COWafornia, BOOvine,
And now back to the fun fun fun Cows that are done by friends from all over...we have well over 100 people now who have made them and these are just the ones we know about!
HEIFERvescence,MOOtini,MiniMOO,Udderly Whimsical,COWslips,SMOOch,
Honey MOOners,COWus Line, COWmadore,COWaflower,Claude MOOnet,COWlico
Below is the book with the cow pattern in is easy to piece and so fun to do....just the cow takes about 2 and 1/2 hours to do. I just cleaned my studio and so if you order it from me I will be giving you some extra good treats too.
, MOOla, MOOvers and Shakers, Haute COWture,COWtapult,COWlage,
COW pies,Bossy COW, MOOsic,COWnty Fair, Mad COW
Come and see many of these at AQS in Iowa next week for the Cow Stampede.
Boo MOO, COWch Potato,Honey MOOners, COWlories, UDDER Nonsense
COW tippin', MOOvie Star, PiCOWso, MOOvin Fast, Ice COWpades,COWnfucious
PhsyCOW, More COW bell, Le MOO's, Gay COWbalero, COWnfection, COWndiment
Red,White and MOO,MOOdesto, ChiCOWgo, MOOvies, MOOlala,UDDERly charming, COWasaki, BULLony,COWnt Your Blessings, COWabunga
MexiCOWli Rose, Hawaiian MOOMOO, MOOtana, COWtown, MOOey Bien, MOOn over Miami
COWyote, COWtapult, DeCOW, COWnition Fit, COWmunication, COWdiment
So this should put you well on your way for ideas to do a cow! There are so many ideas and if you would like to add an idea on my blog, simply write and suggest some other cow names. Carol Heuter sent me 82 different cow ideas! She is one creative gal!!!
Creativity is so much fun.
If your guild would like a COW workshop which is alot of fun, please write me.


  1. I have your book and have been thinking and thinking of what kind of cow to make. I FINALLY came up with something - yippee!! Nope, no hints.

    Will take a picture for you when I finish it - hope you'll like it.

  2. That's a lot of ....cows! Thanks for brightening my day!

  3. Glad to see the herd growing, can't wait to see them in Moo-ston!

    Take care and enjoy Des Moines, see you in Hiuston.

  4. Those are so fun, love how they used specialty fabrics for the cows and made each one unique and fun.