Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A day in my Garden Last Year...such peace and beauty and fun

 This archway is being replaces this year as last year it fell apart from the weight of the hops and trumpet vines on it....soon there will be the same things growing on the newer one
 Wow doesn't love a good sunflower?
 Birdhouses her and there- the squirels lave the little ones alone- the big ones, they gnaw out the hole so they can live in there in the winter...sigh
 I have stopped evr purchasing or trading for bird houses as the squirrels always make thg ood ones fall apart.

 My bottle tree (one of them) with things growing up on it. Now it is bare waiting for the vines to wake up and start covering it...I do love my bottle trees

Friends in my garden!
My cottage garden from a distance
My fountain where quail hide with their babies underneath
My garden now looks like all dirt but later on this year it should look alot like this if I can find the time and energy to work hard at it. We do not have automatic sprinklers so between Mark and I we watered all of the time. Now I will have that all on my shoulders so we will see how much garden I save...it is alot of work and alot of walking and pulling etc. But it is so worth it when you sit in a chair and enjoy the quiet and beauty.A green (HUGE PINE) crashed into our arbour and ruined it so they hauled it off and I am having it replaced with the insurance money. It takes the glare off your head when you sit on the patio and gives shelter. It will be right utside the room that Mark will not be in when we get it fixed up. He can hardly make our stairs now and has NO strength like he used to. He is frustrated if he wants to move something or life. Each day he goes a little more downhil but he always thinks me and the kids and our neighbors and anyone for helping him out. I love him more everyday. I am hoping he can sit outside his new little room on the patio and see the birds and squirrels and hear the water in the fountain.  God's beautiful hand in nature is healing for sure...at least for me. Hope YOU enjoy your lovely garden as well.
Love, Mary Lou
PS, the Go-Fund site has over $6000. which is wonderful and will be going off to pay for medical bills (ONLY) http://www.gofundme.com/7z9m5o  I cannot thank those of you who have given to this fund for us. God bless you.


  1. What a lovely place of respite for you and Mark to enjoy. I love watching the new plants push up in the Spring to share the joy of the end of Winter...although I do enjoy winter for other reasons.

    Take care my friend.

  2. Your gardens look so wonderful, wish I had the time and energy to make our backyard into an oasis like yours. My thoughts and prayers are with Mark and your family and i hope that he can enjoy spending time relaxing in the garden.


  3. Glad you have such a wonderful relaxing spot to enjoy. I can no longer do gardening but am a garden lover for sure...enjoy your special spot...hugs, and best wishes, Julierose

  4. Just know then love and prayers from your many followers are being sent your way daily!

  5. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing the pictures of your lovely garden. I pray for you and Mark and hope that you will enjoy some sunshine and relax in your beautiful garden.