Thursday, April 17, 2014

COWS, wonderful COWS and My Husband Mark's status

This wonderful and happy cow is by Barb Lambrecht who I have known for many many years and she is so talented and knows how to do fun stuff!
This wonderful cow quilt is by Pam Dransfeldt who does amazing quilting and her middle name is "joy" -remember the purple cow? Well she had this stuffed one on the trike as a little kid...very fun!
A row of cows at the Ventura show...great fun-wish I had the individual cows to show you...I taught the cow class there and many of these were made in that class! Such fun!
More cow quilts from Ventura show
My buddies with their cows...very fun...and happy!
Below is a photo of my poor husband who has moon face from so many steroids and other pills he is taking. He was so ill this week as they decided to cut way down on the steroids too fast and he had hallucinations, could not get in or out of bed, could not walk and was so confused about everything but going home to heaven. I thought he was going to. He said "I have a rendevous with Jesus at 2pm today. Later that afternoon he said to my daughter in law, "I was there and already and God never showed up." She said "you still have work to do I guess." He said "nuts." 

He has said some outrageous things and they have been kind of fun. I just hug him and asure him that things will be ok. They up'd his steroids and he is doing so much better though he still has the swelling...but he can walk and he can eat and he can enjoy some thing and think straight. I said today as he was sleeping that my daughter left a wet washcloth on the nightstand and ruined the finish. With his eyes closed he said "get a soft cloth and some mayonaise and it will come out." NOW where in the world did he hear that??? Made me laugh.
We have moved him down to a little tv room we had and turned it into a bedroom on the walk in floor and we took an unfinished bathroom and redid it with a large shower that one of those benches can fit into for showering. What a blessing!

Nothing fancy but we are thankful that he has a bathroom that he doesn't have to climb the stairs for. It is all white and no one can believe I chose this. For now and my sanity, this is good. Grey floor is tile and nice to clean.
This is a hard road but you know our family has never been closer, I have never been more blessed by friends and each day I get to read a comment that is loving and kid and caring. 
Ronda Reece Leal from Texas started a fund for us to pay medical bills (yes we have them) and other things that have come up unexpectedly like car problems etc. And I am going to get a vault for the two of next to my parents and also go and arrange for Mark to be cremated when the time comes. All of this costs money.
It is kind of sad that Cancer (Glioblastoma Multiforme) makes it so you cannot work to make money and it costs money to have it.  I am sad for those that do not have friends.
I was happy to see that certain teachers and lovely students have given to the fund. 118 people in three weeks! You will never know what this has done for us. 
I had never heard of this but will do what I can from now on when people are trying to get funds to help themselves through something like this.
Thank you sincerely for your nice comments, cards, post cards, fun things you say, prayers, and kindness.
Quilter's are fixers and they have certainly blessed both of us.
I read Mark the cards and the comments and I cannot tell you how many times he has cried and me two as I am reading.
As I said to some friends on Facebook, do not feel sorry for me because we both feel that this is in God's plan for us and we are growing closer to Him and I am learning how to be caring and kind in a way that I never thought I could. It honestly is such a honor to help him and love him through this. We have been married 45 years and I have never loved him more than I do now.
This is Easter week and for some of you it was Passover. I pray that this brings you joy, God's blessings and closeness to someone you love or many someone's. 
Count your many blessings as I do. I feel very very lucky.
Love you and thanks for checking in here....


  1. Oh Mary Lou... my heart aches for you today. Thank you for sharing your story and your wonderful husband's pictures. You are a blessing to each other and to us too.

    I wish you a blessed Easter and may our Lord send you many graces to come.

  2. Blessings to you Mary Lou and your family; my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husband this Easter. We have a dear friend who is having a big battle too--hang in there--you are an amazing woman...hugs and our best Julierose

  3. Ah, sweetie, it is a hard time but you and Mark are not along. Beyond those you can see, there are many of us out here who hold you both in our hearts and prayers.

    You've mentioned that Mark is now in hospice care and I hope those helping you are as wonderful as the hospice folks who helped with my FIL's care were. One suggestion from our experience is to ask the hospice staff to come only on specific days so you have some days without anyone coming. Our bathe/shave aid came at 8a M-W-F and when the nurse or other team member needed to come, we asked they come on those days so Tu-Th could be free of visitors for AMIL's sanity. They were kindly willing to work with us on the care schedule.

    Blessings and hugs

  4. How wonderful that bathroom is, I'm sure it will be a huge blessing for you and Mark. May you have a lovely Easter to celebrate.

    Love the cows!

  5. I especially love 'Triple Sow Cow'! Mark must be reading Heloise household tips. I remember reading that many times but Can never remember it on my own. Sending virtual hugs to you and Mark. It is a lovely sunshine filled day in Lincoln. I hope you're both enjoying a beautiful day as well. Wishing you the best Easter weekend with your family and friends. Cheri

  6. I think your little cartoon says it all, what we want and what God wants, are two different paths;) I am so happy that you were able to get the bathroom done for Mark and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.


  7. ML, I don't often leave a comment but I read your posts here and on FB. My heart goes out to you. I admire your strength and positive attitude during this heart breaking time. My prayers are with you and your family. On a different note, I love seeing the cows. I must get mine quilted! Hugs,

  8. Mary Lou-you are an awesome example of someone entirely trusting Jesus no matter what. Prayers going up for you as i write. may you and your family have a blessed Easter-may it comfort you and give you great hope.

  9. I anxiously read your letters thru Rhonda's g-mail report' I pray for you and Mark and your family each day. I'm so glad you have this sweet spirit about being the caregiver for your husband. God is blessing you! With Love Marlynne

  10. Just discovered your blog and keeping you in my prayers. You changed my life a few years ago in Jonesborough, TN and I wrote you about that. I'm now in metro Phoenix and sorry I did not get to go to see the cows because I cannot walk very far, but friends shared pictures of them, and they're terrific! God Bless You and your family.