Friday, May 2, 2014

Posts from home- cows, Mark and happenings for Mary Lou

The darling cow above is made by Jean...isn't she cute???
LOVE the color and the iris!
Above is Biddy's Golf Cow....wonderful color and details! Biddy took my story quilt class at Asilomar this year. To take that class next year you sign up May 6th. Four days from today!
Mark is still staying here at home and Hospice comes daily to see how he is doing. He is in great pain now but cannot tell us so he is starting on heavier drugs I am sad to say. He is honestly the nicest man in the world and this is so unfair. Mark
's brother Rich is here visiting and helping out with him. This is nice to be with someone who loves him as much as I do...almost.
I am still writing a journal on Facebook and it is copied each day and put on Gofund it which has the address in case you wonder what is new. You can see ths address at the top right. I am not doing this to make money, I am suggesting you might want to see the progression and the sharing of taking care of someone you love at home. The go fund it was started by Ronda in Texas to help pay for Mark's medical bills and items we needed at home to care for him. It was a godsend as Mark has not worked since last June.
My friend Linda B. Made a prayer banner with the Corinthians quote about love. It is hanging in Mark's room now and we all love it! 

My son and daughter in law's friend Nomi from Romania made a fabulous rhubarb pie that Mark wolfed down as much as he could. I topped it with vanilla ice cream and it was a real treat for him and he said "yum" after each bite. He is mostly eating jello, popsicles, fruit bars, yogurt and those kinds of things but has asked for a ham and cheese sandwich twice this week. I made a small one and cut it into tiny pieces, and then he washed that down with jello. He still loves the taste of food. I think it is all of those steroids.
Heres a great idea! Mel sent me a big box and it was a party in a box! It had three different kids movies and all kinds of goodies to eat. So my children and Grandchildren will all be here for a salad dinner and movie night! This is a good time for some happy get together LOVE.
Note the glow in the dark bracelets...pretty fun!
Mark's friend John came by and brought some peanut butter cookies, chocolate and tulips since Mark wanted to go to the tulip festival. VERY thoughtful. Today his other friend Mike brought a dozen donuts and frappachino for Mark. We can't give him coffee so it is in the refrig for someone who stops by. It has been nice having goodies here because I can't think to play hostess now as I am worried about him and with him all day and night.
Mark really hoped to go back to Hawaii and this little hula girl from John dances with the sunshine rays...darling.
Below- bouquets- tulips from John, Hawaain flowers from Helen and calla lilies from my cousin Donna...makes me happy seeing the colors and beauty
A friend sent this to me below and I love it. It says it all. Wish Mark could see this and smile too.

My friends from Yexas Patricia Woods made this darling prayer flag and it hangs below a bottle cap cross. When I put it up a few weeks ago I said "do you know what this cross is made of?" And he said "yes, potato chips." Made me smile
My friend Sandy who is the post office lady sent me this "Quilter's Brain"- I loved this and hope you do too
Thought I would share the photo below that I took on someone's porch...thought this was darling for summer! 
Please pray for my husband that he can go peacefully and our family can find peace. We all love him so much. Thank you sincerely to those of you who have sent letters, cards, flowers, banners etc and given to the go fund it site. I love you more than you will ever know and I mean this sincerely. Thank you again.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you

  2. Thank you again Mary Lou for sharing what is happening with your family. I pray for you all and have put you in our church Book of Prayers.

    You are a blessing to all of us.

  3. Sending Prayers for you, Mark and your loving to your blog - I've been following you thru friends on heart aches for your journey having recently traveled a similar road with my parents.....God Bless You All.

  4. We do all wish Mark and your family peace. He will be leaving a wonderful legacy in his wonderful family. Love you all.

  5. You, Mark, and all who love Mark are in the prayers of more people that you'll ever know and I hope you can feel the love.

    When our 2nd son was born 3 months early and was a tiny 2lb baby, we asked for prayers for him. One woman had a dental appt and told her dentist about our baby. Six months later when she returned to the dentist, he asked how the tiny baby was doing and said his church and all on the diocese pray chain had been praying for him daily. What an unexpected gift for us to have a glimpse into how far prayers and concerned people reach to help even those they don't know.

    Love the Caregiver mug.


  6. Mary Ann, thank you for sharing this journey with us. I guess we never know how strong we are until we really need to be. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. i have to say you are amazing for the way in which you are dealing with this crisis in you life…up front and sharing…reaching out to others…sad but strong…caring and truthful about your fears…well done lady…my prayers are with you and your family everyday