Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daddy, Autumn Winds Workshop at Salt Lake in Sept, Flat Stanley, Trip to Seattle and Creativity!

My MOM and DAD with me at Manito Park on Father's Day many years ago. Love those old style dresses....
 Mark with my son when we moved into our house. He was a great Father to our kids!
Spo I promised the girls who were in Salt Lake and wanted to take my Autumn winds class that I would post the fabrics that I love to work with and some light giving fabrics with light, medium and dark all mixed in one fabric! I like fabrics with texture for owls and leaves and other things like rooftops and fields.

Here are some oranges I love and if you can find a fabric that changes values such as the one above you will love how easy you can change values which is SO very important for a successful quilt!
Love stripes and batiks and keeping in mind that blues go with oranges because they are complimentary colors! Lime green is a natural for Fall and I always buy dots for eyes of animals! I don't see dots often, I see eyes, and other things....
Since most fabrics used fr fall are medium in value, I always loook for tone on tone darks like this brown and the blacks. Will look smashing with the oranges and other colors! I like to mix in some black and whites to if the print is small and there is more black than white....white wants to take over as the star and you do not want that.

AUTUMN WINDS blocks.....
So we will have many little surprises and ideas for being original and unique and not doing the same quilt as everyone in the class. THIS is what is fun about my creative workshops. You will love the simple and yet great ideas I have to show you!
Below, imagine red and purple leaves, big owls with fun eyes, Imagine couched veins on the leaves, imagine piecing and black and white small polka dots mixed in, cats, pears and other fruits,pie, gourds and whacky borders that are fun and colorful and ideas on how to make buttons spiders and other FUN secrets. The crows are darn fun too and fairly fast to piece. 
Things with many fabrics are better then one with the same fabric throughout and you don't need huge amounts either.
This should give you a good idea of what to bring for the Autumn Winds class in Salt Lake in Sept! Can't wait!
This is my Granddaughter and her flat Stanley. I plan to take him on the road with me to Salt Lake and other places if she will let me or we may make our own. She is really artistic and fun. This is the little girl that has the bug collection and has loved them since she was two!
Connie and I went to Seattle this week to look at Molbaks nursery. It is my favorite shop in Washington state. We skipped the quilt shops. I do not need anymore fabric! BUT I want this little $2800. house. It is tiny but isn't it cute? Wish I knew a retired carpenter who was bored. :0)
Angel on the front door! Darling and right up my alley.
Tree with paint brushes hanging down...very cute

When we were in Seattle we went to Pikes street market where the prices were high and the traffic was horrible...and I am used to horrible traffic. Horrible! BUT wouldn't this make a nice quilt? Or hat on someone???
Below, Connie gives change to the people of Seattle. She has a good heart.

I will be posting blocks from a quilt the artists and teachers who travel surprised me with this week.  I would also like to post some new photos of my yard and some photos of the birds I am making to swap.
I am working on a new booklet of the pieces girls I designed which are darling! And my drawing book is getting added to since I have the summer and I am going to do a new Hoochy book with animals and other fun handouts I give for many different themed workshops using that technique. I will be teaching lots of fun classes on easy piecing and of coarse story quilts here and there too! Such fun to be a quilter and love color and creativity!


  1. Lookalike you had a great trip to Seattle, I'll have to check out that shop one day, it looks great.

    Your workshop sounds lovely, as are yur pictures of Mark and your dad. I'm sure this was a touch day for yu, I'm also remembering my dad today..

    Glad to see you posting again.

  2. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the great pictures of your family, especially Mark as a young father. Your granddaughter is as cute as a button... or should I say a bug?

    The pictures of the flowers and fabric really are a perfect way to start a new week! Thank you for more and more inspiration!! Hmmm.... pumpkins.....

  3. Love your blog - you are always so upbeat. Thanks for being here for us.

  4. Sounds like you have a fun and productive summer planned! Good to see back to blogging after a long hard spell! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

  5. I think I do more colorful things in the summer, love the bright colors and happy feeling they give me. Love your granddaughter's little guy, that will be fun for her to follow him along on his travels.


  6. Love the family photos and the joyous colors you've shown that are all around us if we look.

    How marvelous that creativity runs in your family, no matter if the medium is crayons, fabric, paints, charcoals, pastels, thread, yarn, beads, or any combination of those things and all other things! It is clear that you are one of the most amazing grandmothers on the planet!

    Hope you've received so many fabric strips that you can make a quilt large enough to wrap your entire family in.

    Prayers continue.