Saturday, July 26, 2014

Darling BIRDS- Great Polka Dots, Jason is an IronMan, Fun, Jennifer Sampou fabric and some treats at the end

Do you like color and whimsy and birds like I do? These birds were done by me and my friends in my block swap. I just sashed them in with my friend and neighbor Connie and it was alot of fun! This will look smashing on an entry wall in my home as a "WELCOME"! 

I am going to teach a workshop of birds starting Sept. I know for sure I will teach this in June next year for  It is a very fun and easy workshop and we laugh alot too!
 The dots I used for the sashing in Michael Miller dots. The colors were perfect and whimsical which I must have in what I work with!
If you would like to book a workshop , contact me at   We love color and we love fun! This makes for positive thinking and new friends!

 HELP!!!! I have started a project with this very old Jennifer Sampou dot from Robert Kaufman and these little strips is ALL I have left. Can you help me finish my quilt? I need at least a yard of any color way of this! Thank you friends!
I love Maxine because she is funny and tells the truth!
OK I admit it and I cannot let the fact go that my sweet son made Iron Man this weekend in Whistler BC, Canada. My Grandparents would have been thrilled as they were from BC and my husband Mark who died in May was there with him in spirit I know.

2 1/2 Miles swimming, 112 miles biking up steep mountain terrain and 26.2 miles running and all in less than 14 hours!
This kid had leukemia as  child and his knees were honeycombed and eaten away when he was diagnosed and his shoulder bone as eaten away as well. God was good since they misdiagnosed him for weeks and by the time they figured it out, his prognosis was terrible. God blessed him and us and today he is an Iron Man. I wish his Dad had been there at the finish line to hug him. I stayed home because I could not take another one- all I do is worry!
I am so proud and so happy that this NICE young man is an Iron Man!

 I love Maxine because she tells the truth whether it hurts or not-she is funny with the truth!
 A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for you!
I ended with a good thought- Be NICE to everyone! It'll make friends and share the love- which we need!


  1. Love how you used polka dots to tie all the birds together. I looking forward to receiving mine soon and figuring out how to put them together.

    Mary Lou you are so much fun when it comes to inspiring us to get out of the box,

  2. The polka dot bird quilt is great Mary Lou! Perfect sashing for a fun quilt. Sorry, but I do not have any of that fabric to help you. Maybe you can contact the Robert Kaufman people for some help? Does anyone know Jennifer Sampou to help Mary Lou?

  3. Visiting here is always a joy with good thoughts, yummy fabrics, and glorious colors! You're a delight, too!

    Sorry, I don't have the fabric you need and have never seen it that I know of. However, there is a lovely site that quilters all over the world check and it's called . You send a photo like the one you posted and a description of how much you need, and if someone has it, you'll get an email from them. I've been happy to find a fabric I needed this way and have sent someone a fabric they needed. Your request might have a wider audience in this way.


  4. Wonderful bird quilt and so many different and fun blocks and ideas! And Jason needs to know that people who read here, and on facebook, are so very, very proud of him. He is beyond amazing and such an inspiration in so many ways. As are you, dear friend. Happy birding!

  5. Love how you added the pictures of Jason to this post, he definitely was a finisher! Great family picture Mary Lou.

  6. I love your bird quilt!
    Congrats to your son! That is awesome!!!!

  7. Sorry I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS! to your son on his remarkable achievement as an Iron Man!! I'm very sure Mark was there in spirit cheering him on!