Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cows that keep MOOving to the herd, Maxine,Mary Lou's Easy Piecing class plus Do a Story Quilt!

How is this for a cow quilt! A lady named Butch Bovan who lived not that far from me did this and also the one below! Isn't she a  great artist!
Look at the boots and the many great details in this quilt. Mel and I are hoping these two cows can join the herd! Awesome stuff.

This is also by Butch and her words and details make you laugh. She carves and paints and is really a fun artist! These are so different from the other cows. Great job Butch!
I have been talking about my Prada shoes. This isn't what normal people think of for Prada but back about 15 years ago when I was doing a gig in Kansas City, I went to Halls' and I fell in LOVE with these shoes! They were about $250. I thought that was nuts but I was earning money and so I bought them and I have worn them all the time since then I still love them. The money was well spent. :0)

O just created a ppieced witch that I will be showing as a pattern soon. You will LOVE it. She is adorable. The witch here is one of my story quilts...quite fun too.
If you have not taken a story quilt class from me you would love it and if you don't have one close by, set one with with your girlfriends. You need three days to five days. Lots of process and things to learn. VERY fun.

I heard from Kate Jones who lives in Door County- a place I longed to visit for it's beauty. It isn't going to happen because the powers that be do not want to spend the money. Boo hooo hoooo.
     Anyway, she had some Jane Sassaman fabric she needed to use for a challenge and so she used it here. If you read this program she has done, there are many clever cow ideas here! Love the colors, the cleverness and the Jane Sassaman fabric- she is an awesome designer.  Great job being creative and clever Kate!
I teach a class called easy piecing and we start with traditional blocks like those seen here and then go into Flowers and birds from Flower Power etc. Next year I will be doing a new booklet to replace both Hoochy Mama quilts and also Flower Power quilt and putting them into one book with hats and other cool things using this method! GREAT fun!

Thought I would leave you with something to smile about from Maxine and something to think about- get creative and be happy!


  1. Tomorrow I get to see the cow stampede in Chattanooga -- woo hoo!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really love Butch's new cows and hope I get to see them in a show soon.

  3. love those cows and as for your shoes they are to die for

  4. Oh my, Butch's name alone should inspire a cow quilt somehow. Her pair of quilts is wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Can't wait to see the new book.

  5. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the great cow quilts today and all the inspiration! Butch did a great job with her quilts!

    Yep, Maxine has me pegged with her organization list ;-}