Friday, September 12, 2014

Pumpkin swap for Mary Lou's block swap group! Do I need to start a club???Salt Lake Fall class such fun!

The darling pumpkins above are by my friend Sandy Fisher. Aren't they are hoot???
So I have had a block swap group for a long time and we swap all kinds of stuff I dream up. This month it was pumpkins and they are so much fun!
I did mine and I have more and better ideas for next time I make these.
I got a couple of requests for a club Mary Lou and it might be a good idea.
For my swap block ladies, don't worry we will still keep our group!
I have too many ideas and not enough time!

Here is my new pin! Isn't it darling? I am selling them $5. or 3 for $10. I am also giving them away with any order of a book.
Soon I will have a Moose pattern for $12.50 and it will be free with those too. Really cute in person! All you have to do is go to something and where you write the note- tell me how many pins you want and that you do not want the product you ordered. :0) I fill the orders so I will know what you want (the pins) and I will send them out. Thank you for ordering-this money helps me pay my expenses.
Below was my inspiration!
I want to do a little Autumn booklet though it probably will not come out until spring because I had too much going on this year with Mark. It will be worth the wait. Look below! And I have more and better ideas to go along with these! :0) Also offer a Fall workshop for guilds and shops.
And below is my friend Camille's pumpkins for our swap-aren't they fun???

These make happy happy quilts! We have 14 people in the Mary Lou swap of pumpkins so there will be loads of variety. Cannot wait to get ahold of them and make a quilt! I wanna be happy and wanna make happy quilts!

Below is my friend Dwighta's quilt which was hanging at AQS in TN-it is wonderful and she made it in my Asilomar story quilt class last year-isn't she good with colors and design? Love this!

I know I shared this before but it still makes me laugh!

Have a good week, be kind and pay it forward in some way. Be what is right with this world. No pushing, no shoving and no unkind someone we all love to be around and you will be happier too! Love you friends.


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the pumpkin inspiration today. A long, long time ago I made a pumpkin quilt for my sister-in-law for her Halloween birthday - just pumpkins - no faces. She didn't like it, so I still have it around someplace. Guess I'll have to get it out and stick some faces on it to make it cute?!?!?!

  2. Me parecen bonitas las calabazas y una buena idea lo de compartir

  3. I love those, they are so fun and a fun idea for a swap.
    I was at the aquarium yesterday and there was a lot of pushing and shoving, but I just stepped aside and let them get closer to see the displays, and maybe a little kindness will rub off;)


  4. I've seen that cartoon before (maybe on your blog) and it makes me laugh every time. Thanks! I also get a kick out of the outhouse one your sidebar.

  5. Would like to know more about what you are thinking about "Club Mary Lou"!

  6. Hello Mary Lou, I enjoy your blog and your quilts. I went to the AQS show in Chattanooga and enjoyed the cows inspired by you and a couple I think made by you. I hope one day to take one of your classes. Glad that you are moving forward with your cute ideas. Have a wonderful week.

  7. sooo downright cute! oh marylou you MUST come back to the east coast again...i really need to take a story quilt class with you!

  8. Did you make the pumpkin blocks by applique? Did you make the pumpkin face first then sew them on to the black background by machine? What?