Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chicago is My Kind of Town!

I am at the end of an exciting trip to Chicago to visit. I started the week with Bernina Ambassador training. A nice group of us got to learn all of the fabulous things the new 880 sewing machine can do. It is simply so inspiring and exciting when you see what you can achieve. And my mind has been spinning with ideas for story quilts, projects to work on with my Grand children and how I can take embroidery and fill up some of my people and things I have painted on muslin.
Remember how I always say how WORDS are powerful? Well, you can print off anything anything you want to say using this machine. Wonderful and provides ways to follow through with what your mind invents!
Here are some of the Bernina teachers who taught us so many trucks. Some of you might know Jeanne Delpit who is the Grand Poobah of Bernina and helps them and all of us and always with a smile and great sincerity. She is the face of professionalism and is not only pretty but fun too.
Here I am with Mary Mashuta who was in my original class maybe 15 years ago?
Above, Nancy Prince won best of show this year at Market With her quilt that took four years to make! She is a doll!
Scenes I took of her large quilt
Sue Nickels gave a talk that was informative and fun. She is a fabulous teacher if she comes to your area.
So I sat by the window on the plane and here are a couple photos of Chicago from the air. Funny how brown it all looks.
Kirby Smith shows his cat quilt made with his Bernina. He is very creative.
Mary Mashuta with her quilt. Stay tuned she has a new book coming out. Really I got so few photos of the girls because there was no time! We were all so excited to learn as much as we could.
If you need a machine do what I have done many times - but a Bernina! 
Side note;- I burned the motor out of five (YES FIVE- honest) Singers. I kept paying a couple hundred dollars each. Finally I went for a Bernina thanks to my friend Julie and I have never looked back!
😊 The tree above is at Anthropologie! We went to stay in downtown Chicago when our Bernina Adventure was over.
Bloomingdales Mall
Horses to represent Fallen Pilice Officers. Beautiful and sad too.
In front of the Chicago Institute of Art.
I will share more once I get home. It has been an inspiring and wonderful trip along with Mel McFarland . A great memory! #Bernina #Nancy Prince #quilt teachers #mary Lou Weidman


  1. What an amazing trip to take and amazing people and quilts to enjoy.
    I really love the church quilt, trying to figure out if it is appliquéd or painted?


  2. What a great adventure and having friends along was a bonus!

    I lived in a suburb of Chicago as a teen and at Christmas time, 3 high school friends and I were allowed to take the L downtown and spend the day shopping. It was the '60s and I still cannot believe our parents let us do it for 4 Christmases in a row!

    I love my Bernina virtuosa 153 Quilter's Edition!


  3. Lovely photos Mary Lou, looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. I live in WA now, but when we lived in the Midwest we went to see the Monet exhibit at the Institute of Art in Chicago... fond memories.

  5. dianep24@verizon.netDecember 8, 2014 at 6:58 PM

    Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing the great pictures of your adventure in Chicago! Glad you were there without snow and blowing winds so you could enjoy the city - heard it gets prettttyyyy coooolllldddd there ;-}

  6. Oh, what a great trip that must have been. We've been to Chicago once, and it was so much fun. What a town. Must go back.