Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Things for Smiles!

I got these adorable snowmen ornaments- aren't they creative? Thank you Molly 
A new chicken to join the others.
This is probably the last year for this Christmas tree which is going to my daughter in laws house for next year. I want fresh, short and fat for next year. My time with a tall tree is over I am afraid. I have soany happy ornents and I will keep my revolving stand so I can load next years tree up.
A gift from Gloria at Cedar Lakes in West Virginia (awesome). Darling
A German ornament I bought last year- I love it!
This years ornents from Gloria.
A drawing for Christmas from my little Granddaughter. Darling. Ne d's to be a quilt.
My John C Campbell quilt has a teeny bit left and then the border and quilting and it's done! It is huge but tells alit of their story. Love what it offers.
I got a larger family photo and gave this size one to each of my children so they had a nice photo of their Dad with all of us. NICE.
My new wall designed by my daughter in law who hung everything's big up after it was painted. Fun.
I think this is something we can all use from time to
Time- how about you?
      I just got word that I am getting a big order of bolts of fabric. I am often frustrated that I can't find the fabrics I love to use. So I put in some orders so we can all have cool bright fabrics when we want them. Stay tuned. 
Hope you have a happy and healthy new Year. It has to be better than this year was. 😃


  1. Molly's snowmen are so cute, I love the red and white cord she used to hang them with. I love the Charlie Brown sentiment, it is great. May only good things be in the future of 2015 Mary Lou for you and your family. Haooy New Year!

  2. I am at the point where i prefer smaller trees too and for now i just use table top trees. Even with those my kitties eat, play and knock them over, so unbreakable ornaments too, lol. Most of mine are ones made by friends, so i can enjoy seeing all the love from friends around the world. I hope your new year is filled with many blessings.


  3. Thank you, Mary Lou, for sharing the great Christmas pictures! There's a lot of love in them and I appreciate you so much for sharing. Great gift to your children!

    Happy, healthy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too! May the year ahead for each of us be good with delightful creativity, lots of color, yummy but healthy enough foods, and satisfaction.

    Love the family picture!


  5. I just moved to a tiny house, so we have a tiny tree... fits on the coffee table. The really nice thing about it is that it is live, and I can plant it out after the Season is over. Hope your change over to a smaller tree goes smoothly.
    Hugs - the kind CB likes.

  6. Hi Mary Lou! Love your John C Campbell quilt! It's really fun! Happy Holidays!

  7. Mary Lou, my prayer for you is that you have a blessed beyond belief 2015. I pray that God ignites your creativity, your energy, and keeps you wrapped in the quilt of His loving arms.