Sunday, January 25, 2015

Makes me Smile!

This wonderful quilt was started in my Asilomar Workshop. Nancy Donahoe had visited Antarctica and just loved the darling penguins. She began with the top middle penguin and added two more and herself along with camera and binoculars. I love everything about this Story quilt! It's pretty and great design and happy colors and fun to see! Nancy said she covered the whole thing with crystals. This is sure to be a winner and even better a quilt her family will always treasure. Great job Nancy!
My cousin Lance who lived in Africa Twelve years is now back and bought a condo in Seattle. He sent me this photo of his bedroom and a quilt I made for him before he left. Looks happy on the wall, right?
This is a drawing done during the war of my Incle Earl Lovick. Someone in Egypt was very talented. This hung in my Grandmothers home for many years and I have always loved it.
We're coming up on my birthday and everyday I dream of lemon meringue pie. My Mother made the best and I got one each year. I sure miss her and her touched. 😘
I was way behind in finishing my owls for our block swap and so Connie my neighbor came over to help me catch up. Phew. It was a lot of fun! Owls always make me smile.
Thought I would end with this happy couple. I noticed after the fact they each had wine glasses. Maybe their noses should be radishes. Haha


  1. So nice to have you back blogging, Mary Lou. Great snow people picture - what a hoot!?! Those hootie owls are great - especially the crazy eyes!

    I hope you get your lemon meringue pie for your birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY LOU!!!

  2. These definitely make me smile. Going to be hunkering down for a few days, the storm is already hitting RI and that is not even the big one. I think it was popular for guys to have their portraits done when they were over seas, my dad had one done too.