Friday, January 30, 2015

A Wonderful week ahead and colorful photo of Story quilts and a great idea!

I am packing to go to Maui and my brother in law is coming to house sit so things are keen!
I will be having fun with three others friends as we quilt and talk superbowl! ( I am from Hawk territory) and I am taking my camera and I am ready for fun in the sun and relaxation!
This week I put alot of photos on my Facebook pages. It was fun. The quilt above is of the Quilters retirement home. Pretty fun no? It has all kinds of quilters and a Grandma and a guy trying to come in and my Grandkids are birds and a cool which we know we need.
Who says houses need to be straight up and boring? I am teaching Hoity Toity houses this year in many locations and we can do some pretty fun and creative neighborhoods!

I have cats here and there and everywhere in my quilts though I am now allergic to them. Sigh
 I have been Lattegirl for 18 years!
 The quilt below is owned by Mel now. It is alot of color and fun!
McGregors Garden makes me happy because I adore McGregor my Grandson
 Another cat block floating around....Stay tuned for booklet on dogs and cats

 The quilt below is titled "I miss the 60's." And I sort of do. It was alot of fun and art was in and bright clothes. I didn't get mixed up in the bad stuff and loved to paint and dance and shop!
Wouldn't this guy make a great quilt???
And lastly I wanted to share this idea. This is a lovely lady who had some health issues in my class I was teaching. So I showed the class how to make hearts and when she wasn't looking I asked each girls to make a pretty heart with pink in it. So as the class finished we gave her the blocks and we all felt good and so did she.
Think about how you can bless people daily. It makes you feel good and them too.
AND be greatful for your many blessings. Remember "Gratitude and Unhappiness cannot co-exist!"
Have a great week and I will be posting photos from the islands.
Hope you get OUT of the box and start making new happy colored, Story quilts!


  1. Thank you, Mary Lou, for the wonderful inspirations today! So happy for you that you're on your way to Hawaii - no better place on earth (except home).

    Lovely idea you had to make hearts for the lady teaching the class and everyone giving her one as a surprise! So sweet! Many years ago a former guild member was diagnosed with cancer and the owner of the local quilt shop gave us templates to make heart blocks to make a quilt for her. It was displayed at the quilt show a few weeks after she passed away. Her husband still has it.

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii!

  2. Mary Lou I always enjoy taking another look to find something new in your quilts. Your whimsy in design always intrigues me.

    Have a lovely time in Maui and Happy Birthday on Sunday...just think of all the people having parties to celebrate you special day!

  3. Hearts to you, Mary Lou! And

  4. Have a great great time on your trip! What a lovely idea to have members make heart blocks for their ill class mate!

  5. Love that last story -- thanks for sharing. Also love the quote about gratitude and unhappiness.