Friday, July 10, 2015

Cow Pattern by Mary Lou Weidman and Copyright

Carol Heauter from Arigona my sweet friend made this cow from Mary Lou's pattern. Isn't he cute or should I say she?
The cow pattern is copyrighted and not to be copied off of my original pattern.You may certainly use the pattern you paid for but you cannot make copies of it to pass along. This is stealing and the same as shop lifting. For some reason quilters think it is ok to copy off any pattern they want and ignore copyright rules. I do not understand this. Copyright means it cannot be copied and if you are an honest person you should not do this nor should you hand our your patterns to be copied.
I spent many many hours designing this and then spent the money to print it etc. I need to make enough money to pay back my time and my investment. If you designed something you would feel the same way.   Please support the people who work hard to make a living making patterns.
THIS beautiful and clever quilt is by Rebecca Shafer. This quilt has great embellishments and fabric choices. Rebecca is from Lincoln, Nebraska. Rebecca makes many clever and original quilts.
The quilt above is by Terry Jones (I believe)
The quilt above is by Sandy Fisher who also has so many original ideas and she has two cow quilts in the collection that we call "the Herd."
The cow below is one of my most favotites and is by Sue Cresse who is very original and creative.
If you have not ever done your own designing this cow pattern is the perfect place to start and it has many ideas included for cow themes.
The Moose pattern does as well.
From Mary Lou's COW class using her pattern
From Mary Lou's COW workshop
From Mary Lou's cow workshop
Below "Daisy Cow" who was in the works for an example of a smaller cow. This cow is offered in the pattern with the original cow as well. Two for one! To order for a guild to get the discount write to me at
There are hundreds of people so far that have done cows and they make great challenges.
I offer $2.00 off each pattern for orders of ten or more.
By purchasing my patterns you help support of girl who has been widowed and survived cancer within a year,
Thank you for being happy, having fun and being thoughtful to me. I sincerely love my friends and fellow quilters. Share your happy smile with someone who does not have one.


  1. Mary Lou, I am always amazed at the ideas that crop up from the cow pattern. If I hadn't bought your book I wouldn't have made my cow that jumped over the moon that travelled with the herd.

    Your creativity and design is what sparked me to adapt your design as were the others in the herd.

    Thank you for your creativity Mary Lou, keep healing every day and creating more sparks to light our fires of creativity.

  2. Thank-you for restating the copyright moral and legal laws. I stopped sewing with a group that freely exchanged and copied patterns even after I had emphasized the importance of not doing so. It really bothered me. Love your patterns-Harley Cow is traveling with the herd and I am so proud of him:)

  3. Love the humor and creativity that abound in these cow quilts thanks to your pattern and the imaginations of those who've made the quilts. What a delightful herd of happy hoots!! I'm more of a traditional quilter so doubt a cow quilt is in my future but I have drawn a picture for a story quilt ... someday! Thanks for your exuberant creativity!

    I'm glad, too, that you restated the rules of copyright protection and how it's a crime when folks share copyrighted materials. Fair is fair. I take care to only pass on patterns that are free on-line and that say you can share them.

    Wishing you well!


  4. Great cow quilts! Good info on the copyright issue as well. I'd sure love to take a class from you sometime but I live in Ohio. Maybe someday...

  5. Mary Lou, I love your cow quilts. i do have one of your books but have not yet made a cow quilt. I live in Georgia and Chick fa la is a Georgia company. They use cows in their ads to promote eating chicken instead of cows, so have you ever thought of approaching them with your cow cuties???

  6. Long time no blog post. Hope all is well with you and that you're just busy having colorful fun and lots of laughs with wonderful folks.


  7. Hi is there any tips on building the background landscape for the cows?