Friday, August 14, 2015

New quilts, Workshops, Life and Being Thankful

Susan Garrity took my Moose workshop
In Jackson Hole and made the quilt above!! Isn't it just wonderful??!
Below is the pattern that you can order by writing to me at or by ordering something else on my website and in the customer notes write "I need the Moose pattern" or " I need the cow pattern." IMPORTANT - enter youn3 digit number there also. 
Thank you. 
The photo below made me smile big
I saw this picture of a lady in the garden and knew she'd be great in any quilt. I have often used these in my garden quilts. Quite fun!!!

I have a new self portrait class for a smaller sample and instructions on doing eyes, noses, mouths and secrets to hair styles, flesh fabrics and how to get ideas of themes that describe a person. Embellishment, embroidery and paint discussed. These are great fun!! The samples here are not quilted yet. Students get good handouts and a simple body from the Breast up. We will be discussing hats and how they can hold loads of fun things for a great quilt.

This made me laugh!!
As many of you know I am hooked on chickens and I have six of my own. I gave four to my daughter as ten seemed to be too many. My friend Florine sent me this darling table chicken thT I keep on my deck. Makes me so happy!!

Below is my chicken named Tilly after an Aunt. Tilly is the biggest chicken ever and when I throw food down age runs and when I am close she runs and when I take earthworms for the chickens she wa Ts one but when I try to get close to her so the other chickens don't grab hers, she runs. She's pretty but she is dumb.
The chicken below is Ethel. Ethel's best friend is named Fred. My Vrandkids said they think that Fred should be Lucy but I like Fred. ☺️
Below, is a kind of wash cloth for the kitchen. Molly sent it to me with a chicken finger puppet. Funny and fun too.
Wendy who is a fun friend sent me this sign for the chicken coop. There are a lot of people who are crazy chicken ladies and I am turning into one myself. I go back in the backyard and watch them scratch the dirt and run after each other. They are really fun. Glad I only want eggs as it would be hard to hurt them for meat. They are too lovable!
I saw this photo somewhere and had to post it. Reminds me of the nutcracker!

Many of you have asked how I am doing and Inam gettingy energy back, I had a restful summer, enjoyed my family and neighbor and a few friends and have started sewing again. I am teaching next month in Houston on the 15th and cannot wait!! Many teaching opportunities with great gals this Fall! 
I am working on new things and fun ideas. Can't wait to connect with many of you.
My schedule is available here -
      I am open to other Florida guilds or shops tagging on in January. I am hoping to see Sanibel Island which is on my bucket list.
 Here are my two Irish cousins. The one on the left is Donna Lou Donahue and I am Mary Lou Donahue. We both took a lot of teasing growing up!!
Loved this great hours chicken I saw a photo of. Pretty funny!
My John C. Campbell folk quilt is hanging there now in the Keith House. Lots of detail and good stories too.

Below is one of my Christmas tree samples. I just love Christmas and started teaching a Christmas tree or wreath workshop. It's popular and so much fun. This is a two day more workshop. There are so many fun ways to do these!
The second photo is from another tree I did. Great fun!
I have four half yard cool fabrics to send to four people who comment.
The question is, next summer I want to plan a few fun trips for me to visit somewhere and see something great!
Suggestions please. I will draw four names in a little over a week! You may get another surprise with the fabric!
Happy week friends !!


  1. Next summer you should come see.....ME! Come visit historic Richmond, Va!

  2. I love reading your posts Mary Lou. I am so glad you are feeling better and getting ready to teach again. Would love to take one of your classes someday!

  3. How about Alaska to see the beautiful Northern Lights displays?

  4. So good to see your back! Come down to San Diego! Best wishes...

  5. So glad that you are doing well and having fun with your chickens. I took your class at Lancaster this year and have been holding healing and caring thoughts for you. All the best.

  6. If you have a chance to visit Georgia I highly recommend a visit to Andersonville, the civil war prison, and to Plains Georgia on a Sunday when President Carter is teaching Sunday School. The prison is very moving. Did you know that the dead were buried shoulder to shoulder? There were no coffins and the headstones are so close together it is incredible.

  7. Mary Lou, I can't believe I missed this post and only saw it today!

    Saw a cute cartoon on Facebook this morning of a large Buffalo and a small one walking away asking what did the father say to it....Bison! It made me think you should design another wild animal a la purple cow and moose.

    You should check out Utah, the canyons around Moab are some of my favourite. Bryce Canyon is my favourite of them all. Four Corners, Mesa Verde...I want to go with you and show you Red Rocks of Utah.

  8. I can add that you need to come see SE Connecticut by the Shore....I wish I were brave enough to try making one of your quilts--I have ALL of your books and I love your posts and blogsite....hugs, glad you are back to sewing Julierose

  9. Went to British Columbia years ago and loved it. Would like to go back.

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  10. Have you ever been to British Columbia? It is a beautiful place to go.

  11. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? "Grand" doesn't even begin to describe it!

  12. Mary Lou -- so glad to see you back! So happy that you had a good and restful summer!! I think of you often and send up little prayers for your healing every day.

    A good and restful place for you to visit might be Vermont - lots of beautiful mountains, beautiful fall foliage and challenging snowy ski runs too. Something for every season!

    The Fletcher Farm School in Ludlow teaches many "old-time" classes in lace making, weaving, wood carving, basket making, and of course, quilting. It's like summer camp for adults - great folks too!

  13. Cheers for a good summer at home with family, friends, chickens, and fabric! Nothing better for healing, resting up, and finding your usual energy.

    Love the creativity and humor in the many cow and moose quilts. Prof, Moostard has to be just about my favorite because I played Clue a lot as a child and a lot more with our sons.

    On your way to Richmond next summer, you can enjoy the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains!

    I remember a silly poem from the 1950s about "My get-up and go, got up and went." and that is all too true of my chronic fatigue from lupus. Still, fabric waits for me! Gotta love that!


  14. I'd suggest visiting Holmes County, Ohio and all the wonderful Amish shops. Beautiful countryside as well and their handcrafts are works of art. And wonderful quilt shops. Stay in an Amish B&B if possible, or at least have dinner in an Amish home which we arranged through our B&B.

  15. You would enjoy visiting Searsport, ME in the summer or fall. It has antique shops and flea markets to browse and a beautiful area. Lots of quilters in Maine too. Another fun
    place to see is Amelia Island in northern Florida. My grandma lived there for most of
    her life and it is a port town, beautiful beaches and lovely old homes. Enjoy.

  16. Yosemite. Most definitely Yosemite. It is breathtaking and fills the spirit and soul.

  17. Boston - great food, historical sites, food easy transportation to surrounding cities. Take the train to Salem to see the Witch Trial Museum and the House of Seven Gables.

    Sonoma Wine country- Start or end in San Francisco, visit wineries, and fabulous restaurants. Be sure to go to Calistoga for the mud baths.

  18. Go to New York City! I had so much fun there and think of it often.

  19. Hello Mary Lou,

    You are more than welcome to come to me here in Western Australia, I have three chickens or chooks as we call them in Australia, so you would feel right at home.

    Happy days.

  20. Every time, and I do mean EVERY time, I come to Mary Lou and Whimsy To, I smile, I laugh, I get excited about quilting, and just plain get happy about life!
    So Thank You Mary Lou, you are important to me!!!

  21. Hope to see you in October at Leavenworth Quilt Co. Signed up for your class and hope to see your Trunk show at Wenatchee Guild Oct. 21. Want to see your smiling and Cherry -ful face. Robin in Leavenworth WA

  22. The Oregon coast is the best place! Walking on the beach or looking at the just doesn't get better than a trip to the coast.